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Streaming Queer: December 2023

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December's streaming offering is an entertaining mix of high-stakes drama and holiday magic. We've got movies and series set in Thailand, South Africa, Paris, London, and in court for Gwyneth Paltrow's unforgettable skiing collision trial.

Also this month, we follow queer families living throughout the midwest, and join misfit crews as they embark on the heist of a lifetime. We've got a Women's World Cup documentary, Demi Lovato's holiday special, sexy queer murder mysteries, and a father-son roadtrip that ends with a drag performance. With a perfect mix of family-friendly fun and thrilling drama, December's got it all. Happy holidays, and happy streaming!

"Killer Vacation" Season 1

This murder mystery follows a group of friends celebrating the end of their sports teams' season with a final vacation at an isolated beach house. It's clear that nothing's going as planned, even before they leave for vacation. The teenagers happily soak up with the sun and lots of alcohol. Unfortunately, other shocking surprises lead to one of their deaths. Between flashbacks to the vacation and scenes in the aftermath as the murder investigation begins, "Killer Vacation" exposes secrets and desires. If you're a fan of the early seasons of "Elite" – for horny queer drama, messy relationships exposing class differences, and the lengths ambitious people will go to cover up the truth – "Killer Vacation" is for you.

"Killer Vacation" is now streaming on Hulu.

"Runs in the Family"

"Runs in the Family" is a joyous, chaotic, heart-filled roadtrip film about a reformed con artist who asks his trans son, River (Gabe Gabriel), to join him on a drive across South Africa to break his ex-girlfriend (and his son's estranged mother) out of rehab. They must return in time for River to take part in a drag competition that could win him his gender-affirming surgery. The film was made by real-life father-son duo Ian Gabriel ("Ludik") and Gabe Gabriel ("No Hiding Here"). Ian directed and Gabe wrote and stars in his first role since coming out as trans in 2019.

"Runs in the Family" is now streaming on Netflix.

"Doi Boy"

In this Thai drama, the lives of three young men "living on the outskirts of society" intersect where each of them journey towards achieving justice. Sorn is an undocumented immigrant who begins doing sex work as a means to build a future with a new identity in Chiang Mai. The film follows his struggles as he is drawn to a complicated relationship with a male client, who says he can help Sorn gain official citizenship – if he helps him with a risky investigation into a political activist. "Doi Boy" has romance, betrayal, and the fascinating emotional portrayal of the real struggle that so many people face today.

"Doi Boy" is now streaming on Netflix.

"May December"

Out director Todd Haynes' new film sees Natalie Portman playing actress Elizabeth, who spends time with a family in preparation to portray the mother, Gracie (Julianne Moore), in a project that details the family's notorious tabloid beginnings. Charles Melton ("Riverdale") plays Joe, who Gracie hired to work at her pet store when he was in seventh grade, before beginning an affair with him that sent her to prison. 20 years later, Gracie and Joe are married with children who are about to graduate from high school. At first, their marriage looks more predictable than Elizabeth expected. But the deeper Elizabeth looks, the more she "brings long-dormant feelings to the surface, and the decades-old scandal reveals deeper and deeper layers."

"May December" premieres December 1 on Netflix.

"We Live Here: The Midwest"

This heartfelt documentary introduces us to queer families who have established deep roots in the Midwest – a part of the country they love and hope to stay in. "We Live Here: The Midwest" captures this crucial time in our culture "where anti-queer legislation and sentiment is rapidly multiplying across the country, and the values of all midwestern families are put to the ultimate test." These stories include a couple in Minnesota struggling to rebuild their families following both of their transitions; a gay Black couple with a young daughter in Nebraska; a lesbian couple homeschooling their bullied son on a farm in Kansas; and a gay teacher in Ohio who creates a safe space for queer students.

"We Live Here: The Midwest" premieres December 6 on Hulu.

"A Very Demi Holiday Special"

Demi Lovato invites us to celebrate the holidays with their chosen family in this holiday special which will have "good music, good food, and good vibes." The special includes musical performances of Lovato's hits and holiday favorites (a duet of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" performed with JoJo among them), as well as cake decorating and Christmas sweater crafts. The stars who will be joining Lovato to ring in the holidays include Paris Hilton, Trixie Mattel, and Hailey Bieber.

"A Very Demi Holiday Special" premieres December 8 on the Roku Channel.

"Culprits" Season 1

"Culprits" is an action-packed high-stakes crime drama that starts where most heist stories end: after the thieves have taken off and gone their separate ways to enjoy their loot. Years after a London job went wrong, the thieves are reluctantly reunited because they notice their team is being killed off one by one. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (you may recognize him as the guidance counselor from "Genera+ion") plays a family man living a quiet life with his partner (Kevin Vidal) and children. This deadly twist threatens to unravel his happily-ever-after, so of course he must complete one last job to ensure their safety.

"Culprits" Season 1 premieres December 8 on Hulu.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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