Bowen Yang as George Santos on "Saturday Night Live," December 2, 2023 Source: YouTube

Watch: Bowen Yang - as George Santos - Bids Goodbye to SNL with 'Scandals in the Wind'


George Santos's exit from Congress was filled wth his usual complaints of victimhood and threats for retaliation against his GOP colleagues. It was perfect material for parody, so it is no surprise that "Saturday Night Live's" cold opening this week featured Bowen Yang as the exiting congressman in a hilarious skit that sums up his career as a "proud, gay thief."

As reported by Raw Story, "Bowen Yang's Santos bid adieu to the press and America by gracing all with a parody version of Elton John's Marilyn Monroe homage, 'Candle in the Wind.'" Except in Yang's version, the song is "Scandals in the Wind."

But prior to the song, Yang was seen speaking to the press that began with him addressing his media persona. "I'm being assaulted. This entire country has been bullying me just because I'm a proud, gay thief. What else is new? America hates to see a Latina queen winning."

He added: "Since the day I was elected, it's been a witch hunt, but if I'm guilty of anything it's for loving too much-slash-fraud."

He continued in typical Santos mode, peppering his comments with risible falsehoods. "I'm just regular, old Professor Major General Reverend Astronaut Santos, protector of the realm, princess of Genovia."

And he added though the loss of his elected seat was a setback, "I promised myself I wouldn't let it ruin my Kwanzaa."

The New York Times adds: "In a surreal flight of fancy, the sketch concluded with the appearance of a piano, where Yang sat down and performed a parody of Elton John's 'Candle in the Wind,' whose lyrics had been altered to satirize Santos. As one verse went:

"'And it seems to me that I lived my life like an evil Forrest Gump.
I'm the guy who lied even too much for Donald Trump.
And you all got to laugh at me, and I say lucky you
My candle burned out long before I could flee to Peru'."

Watch the clip below:

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