JJulianne Moore, left, and Natalie Portman in a scene from "May December." Source: Courtesy of Netflix

Gay Twitter is Losing it for Todd Haynes' New Film 'May December'


If you were browsing certain parts of X (formerly known as Twitter) this weekend, you might think the biggest film at the box office is Todd Haynes' slow-burning thriller "May December" starring Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman and Charles Melton.

The film is just hitting Netflix after a brief stint at the theater, allowing people all over the country to check out the award-winning film from the acclaimed out filmmaker.

"May December" follows Elizabeth (Portman), a Hollywood actress visiting married couple Gracie (Moore) and Joe (Melton) 20 years after their high-profile tabloid romance in order to study for a role where she plays Gracie.

Like with "Carol" and "Safe," Hanyes' latest film has struck a chord with queer audiences. Gay Twitter was quick to react to the film when it went to Netflix on Friday. Find the best reactions, posts and memes about "May December" below.

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