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Though Married to a Man, George Santos Opposes Same-Sex Marriage


George Santos is married to a man, but should it surprise anyone to learn that he's opposed to same-sex marriages? But on the day before he was expulsed from Congress, Santos showed his allegiance to all things GOP, including their opposition to same-sex marriage and the party's views on gender.

"I was an opposer of gay marriage," Santos said in response to a question about his relationships with more conservative House Republicans, according to audio obtained by Business Insider.

What could have been awkward for the disgraced ex-congressman is that he chose to make his remarks on the two year anniversary of Santos's marriage to his husband Matt.

"Santos said that he entered into such a marriage 'because that was the option' but did not believe it should be called "marriage" and that the government should not be involved in the institution," reports Business Insider.

"I thought it should have been a civil union," said Santos, referring to the alternative to fully-recognized marriage that some proposed prior to the Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015. "It would have given us the same benefits, the same rights under the law."

He continued: "Making it marriage was never the business of the government. I'm not saying I oppose just gay marriage. I oppose marriage by the government in general. To force that on society was a problem. That is why we're still debating, right?"

It wasn't the only time on Thursday that Santos found himself at odds with LGBTQ+ mainstream views. He also posed with with a sign produced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's office declaring that there are only two genders.

And as a candidate he endorsed the Florida Parental Rights in Education Law – known to critics as "Don't Say Gay" – and said Gov. Ron DeSantis had his "full-blown support" for signing the law.

"As a gay man, I stand proudly behind not teaching our children sex or sexual orientation," he said in a Facebook video in April 20.

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