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Air France Revives Its Famous Suitcase with Vintage Collection

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019

Ready for some retro styling? Created in the 1950s for first-class passengers, Air France suitcases have won over generations of travelers from all over the world. An iconic and emblematic part of the Air France Shopping collection, two new versions are now available in a limited edition.

A dark blue model featuring Air France's powerful worldwide network is adorned with the "winged seahorse," the company's historic symbol created in 1933. This logo, formed from the bust of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology, and the tail of Annam's dragon, evokes both power and speed. A lighter ivory version also uses this historical symbol.

These two new models in canvas and leather, which are both decorative objects and fashion accessories, can be found at for $77.88.


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