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Loud Lesbian Sex Leads to Motel Gunfire

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday September 16, 2019

A bout of loud lesbian sex that was mistaken for fighting led to a totally different fracas in which a motel guard claims one of the women attempted to shoot him in the head, reports the New York Post.

Baltimore news channel WMAR reports that a report of a fight in one of the rooms of the Days Inn Hotel in Towson, Maryland led to the police being called. The investigating officer, however, was told by the occupants of the room that nothing violent was going on - the two women in the room had, rather, been engaged in a bout of loud sex.

When the women were asked to leave the motel, they packed their bags as requested. One of them needed to return to the room to look for her cell phone, and was escorted by an officer; in the meantime, back in the lobby, the other woman got into an argument with the motel security guard.

That's when the gun went off. Allison Daughtrey, who was arrested on several charges related to the weapon, said that she had attempted to hit the security guard by swinging her bag, and the bag had spilled open, dropping the gun and causing it to go off.

The security guard, however, told a different story, saying that Daughtrey had pulled the weapon from her bag and aimed it at his head. Only his swift movement to get out of the way allowed him not to be shot and killed, the guard said.

Another police officer outside the motel, hearing the shot, went inside to investigate and arrested Daughtrey.

The incident was reportedly captured on surveillance video, and media accounts indicated that the footage confirms the security guard's version of events. Daughtrey, however, responded by reiterating that the gun's discharge was an accident caused when it fell from her bag. The Baltimore Sun reported that Daughtrey dismissed allegations that she had aimed the gun at the security guard, saying, "If I intended to ever use the gun, I would never have missed the target."

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