Top of the Class: Why Vivint Smart Security Scores High Marks Among Consumers

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday August 10, 2021
Originally published on July 30, 2021


For the LGBTQ community, safety and security have never been more critical. With the Equality Act still hanging in the balance, basic federal protections still lack in states across the country, resulting in discriminatory acts including trespassing, vandalism and theft. EDGE recently reported homophobic notes left at the homes of people who displayed support for the LGBTQ community and years of harassment endured by a gay couple from a bigoted neighbor.

While the future of federal LGBTQ protections has an indefinite timeline, queer homeowners and renters can take immediate action by securing their homes with advanced technology and an intuitive user experience.

"Live intelligently." That's the Latin origins of Vivint, one of the best home security systems on the market today. With over 20 years of industry experience and a team of in-house designers, developers and user experience experts, Vivint remains an industry leader, and was recently named the best overall home security system by U.S. World & News Report. The company has grown into a one-stop-shop for home security, cameras and smart home devices — all seamlessly integrated into an easy-to-use app and a suite of products compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

Home Security, Explained

(Source: Vivint)

Amid the global pandemic and social anxiety, CNN has reported a "perfect storm" of factors leading to increased violent crime as well as a lack of confidence in law enforcement, according to a Gallup poll.

While more people may want to implement home protection measures, tech-savviness varies greatly, as do the products available on the market. Most Vivint customers first commit to a system based on their security needs then become loyal customers thanks to their smart home integration.

Two major categories of home safety products have emerged: self-installation and professionally installed. Unfortunately, not everyone can trust their home improvement skills to properly set up potentially complex operating systems — so much so that it even became a plot point in this spring's breakout HBO series, "Mare of Easttown."

Vivint's Smart Home Pros install all home safety and smart home devices, whether you're opting to monitor a single entrance or require a more robust system that may include security sensors for every entry point and safety alarms that can protect you and your loved ones against fire, carbon monoxide and flood. And with more frequent extreme climate conditions from heat domes to flash floods, preparedness offers peace of mind. When activated, safety alarms can be programmed to shut off your home's HVAC system, contact proper authorities and unlock your doors for a quick exit.

But what good is a smart home security system if you don't know how to use it? Vivint's Smart Home Pros won't leave you to go down the YouTube rabbit hole to figure out how to operate its products, instead, providing an on-site personal tutorial to get you acquainted with your new system. Developed in-house rather than outsourcing ensures that each component's functionality feels instinctive, connecting you to features with just a few taps or even voice activation.

Camera Close-Ups

(Source: Vivint)

Outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras are two of the best smart home security system products you can buy. But not all cameras are created equal. Here's a closer look at Vivint's outdoor camera and doorbell camera.

Outdoor Camera Pro — Get a high-def view of what's happening outside your home day or night (with a 4K HD image sensor, 140° field of view and excellent quality in the dark thanks to night vision) but skip the ping for the passing car. AI technology detects people, not just motion from shadows, swaying trees, cars, or animals. Whether it sees your family outside or a lurker creeping around, you'll be happy getting notifications that matter. You can even specify your camera's monitoring zone and the amount of time between detection and warning tone, so you're not just recording a crime but preventing it.

Not only will the camera trigger a warning tone if a burglar is detected, but its LED ring light will illuminate red, letting them know, "Guess what? You're being recorded!" Maybe the camera notices someone lurking in your yard. A two-way mic enables you to speak your mind, and if that doesn't deter them, the alarm siren adds another layer of protection.

Long gone is the grainy, stop-motion security footage from those early "Law & Order" episodes. Vivint's Outdoor Camera Pro captures both live and recorded footage in crisp full high definition with up to 3x zoom. Smart Clips enables users to save just a few seconds or an entire incident in just a few steps and can be viewed from anywhere via the app.

Doorbell Camera Pro — Similar to the Outdoor Camera Pro, the Doorbell Camera also uses light and sound to deflect a potential crime. This camera outshines the competition with its 180° x 180° lens, which offers the widest view, top-to-bottom and left-to-right.

You'll receive a notification when a package is delivered and can keep an eye on it until you return home — ever important as a recent study revealed that 43% of respondents reported having a package stolen last year.

But you don't have to be glued to your phone to ensure deliveries remain safe. Like the Outdoor Camera Pro, this device also features Smart Deter, which uses AI technology to detect movement, sound a warning tone and turn the camera's LED ring red to deter theft. Plus, you'll be notified of the event and have footage.

(Source: Vivint)

In fact, all Vivint smart home security systems include 24/7 professional security monitoring. So even if you're not around, monitoring specialists can respond to alarms and notify emergency services if needed.

Of course, not all arrivals are nefarious. Maybe your boyfriend is arriving with a spontaneous dinner. You can answer your door from anywhere, and with a Kwikset Smart Lock, let them in via the Vivint app so they can set the table and change into something more comfortable!

A smart home security system begins with making a smart choice on which one to buy. For more information and a personalized security plan, visit or call (866) 534-5279.

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