Permanently Lose Belly Fat in Hours!

Monday September 9, 2019

Losing weight is tough. It just takes too many hours of flop sweat activity to burn fat, and most of us aren't up for that much torture. Diet and exercise? Please. Your bodyweight might go down but it isn't from fat loss. You can try weight loss with liposuction, but then there's the task of finding a reputable plastic surgeon. Horror stories abound. What to do? Well, the ice cubes in your cocktail hold a clue to the newest and wildly popular alternative.

You've no doubt seen ads for the latest treatments to lose body fat. There are many but coolsculpting is by far the most popular. Why? The reasons are many, but the real answer is results. From adolescence your body has a set number of fat cells. As you lose or gain weight, these fat cells grow larger and smaller, but the overall number remains constant. The beautiful part of CoolSculpting is that you can permanently eliminate a portion of these fat cells. Never to return!

Coolsculpting is one of the fastest growing alternatives to surgery for permanent fat cell removal. It's also easy to understand why. You show up for a treatment during your lunch hour and walk out with those nasty fat cells already dying. Within a few weeks they've been metabolized by your body and are gone forever. There's zero downtime, zero pain and no post-surgery meds. Contrast that with surgery, which more often than not leaves you feeling like a truck hit you.

Those of you hitting the gym every day doing strength training, we see you, and we also know how sick of push-ups you are. Coolsculpting is a way to increase the effectiveness of your workout giving you a leaner, sexier torso. It involves a device that blasts super cold air onto your abs while you relax and check your email or stream a movie on your phone.

Abs are the body part people seem to be most self-conscious about, so blasting belly fat is the most requested treatment to date. However, many are choosing to have fat coolsculpted from double chins, buttocks and upper arms. The treated area isn't sore afterward; it's tingly like when your foot falls asleep. The coolsculpting technician massages the area to warm it and increase blood flow.

After a few minutes, you walk out of the clinic to go on with your day.
To learn more, check out in the Orlando area and set up a free consultation. Before you know it, you'll have the abs of fire you've always dreamed of.

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