Who Will Die in Premiere of 'And Just Like That?'

Wednesday August 4, 2021

Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis in a promotional shot for "And Just Like That" filming in NYC
Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis in a promotional shot for "And Just Like That" filming in NYC  (Source:HBO Max)

Expect a major player from "And Just Like That," the "Sex and the City" reboot, to be killed off on the first episode of the new HBO Max series. The Daily Mail reports that a "person close to the show teased that 'it is going to be a big death' — prompting fears that the return of actor Chris Noth, who plays Carrie Bradshaw's husband Mr. Big, could be a short one."

Other insiders are speculating it could be Samantha Jones, who will not be seen on the series, following the bitter feud between actresses Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker.

"Executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker wants to 'shake up audiences from the get go to make them realize this is a different paced show from the previous one, where anything can happen and anyone can go... just like life'," a source told the Daily Mail.

"Obviously Samantha Jones is a clear candidate for the chop too, given Sarah and Kim's ongoing war," the insider continued.

"Only the leading stars and show executives are aware of this presently and are desperate to keep a lid on it — a coffin lid."

Filming is currently occurring in New York City with most members of the original cast, including Noth, Evan Handler, David Eigenberg, John Corbett, Mario Cantone and Willie Garson returning.

And amongst the new cast members are two out actors — Sara Ramírez (from "Grey's Anatomy") and Broadway actor Isaac Powell. Ramírez, who identifies as queer and bisexual and uses 'they'/'she' as pronouns, will play a key, new role. "Sara Ramírez stars as 'Che Diaz' (they/ them), a non-binary, queer, stand-up comedian that hosts a podcast on which Carrie Bradshaw is regularly featured. Che is a big presence with a big heart whose outrageous sense of humour and progressive, human overview of gender roles has made them and their podcast very popular," writes HBO Max in a release.

Powell joins the cast as a student, reports Deadline. "Powell will portray George, a student at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology who is unconstrained by fashion/gender norms. He's described as having a calm demeanor and self-processed energy beyond his young years."

Powell recently played Tony Ivo van Hove's acclaimed Broadway revival of "West Side Story." He is also seen in the upcoming second season of Amazon's anthology series "Modern Love," as well as the Universal film adaptation of "Dear Evan Hansen."