The Killers' Brandon Flowers Says New Song is Inspired by Gay Teen Contemplating Suicide

Thursday August 5, 2021

Brandon Flowers in the Killers' music video for "The Man."
Brandon Flowers in the Killers' music video for "The Man."  (Source:YouTube Still)

Just one year after releasing their excellent sixth album "Imploding the Mirage," The Killers are returning with a new album called "Pressure Machine" later this month and front man Brandon Flowers opened up about new music in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

Much of the upcoming LP is inspired by real people Flowers knew throughout his life and explained that the song "Terrible Thing" centers on a gay teenager contemplating suicide.

"There were kids I grew up with who I didn't know until years later that they were gay," he told the publication. "It must have just been so hard. I think the world is moving in a more positive direction and a more inclusive direction, but this was still in the Nineties and people kept this stuff close."

Flowers said he found himself revisiting his formative years when he lived in the small town Nephi in Utah while working on "Pressure Machine," which is out August 13.

"There was a nostalgic longing in the air and a little bit of sadness," he said. "I started thinking about where I was in the Nineties, and these stories just sort of blossomed out."

Rolling Stone goes on to say that the new album is a concept record about Flowers' life in Nephi but the songs are "told from the perspective of various townspeople that touches on everything from prescription drug abuse and poverty to crime, homophobia, and depression. Despite the bleak tone of the record, there are touches of hope and joy sprinkled throughout it."

"When I was writing these songs, I was thinking of things like Sherwood Anderson's book Winesburg, Ohio or that book Pastures of Heaven [by John Steinbeck]," Flowers said, adding, "where's it's all these short stories that take place in this one setting. For some reason, I had the audacity to try it myself. Once I realized they were going to take place here and they were going to be true stories, everything just really fell in our laps."