'Euphoria' Creator Directed a Secret Film in Quarantine with Zendaya & John David Washington

Thursday July 9, 2020

John David Washington, left, and Zendaya, right, in a scene from "Malcolm & Marie."
John David Washington, left, and Zendaya, right, in a scene from "Malcolm & Marie."  (Source:Twitter / @Zendaya)

HBO's "Euphoria" might not return for its second season in 2020 (thanks to the pandemic shutting down most Hollywood productions) but its creator Sam Levinson found a way to film a secret movie with the show's star Zendaya, along with actor John David Washington, during the quarantine.

Deadline broke the news Wednesday evening, reporting that movie, called "Malcolm & Marie," was shot "quietly all along during the pandemic. It has already completed production — arguably the first to do so on the feature film side." Filming took place from June 17 through July 2 at the Caterpillar House, an environmentally conscious glass structure in Carmel, Calif.

Though no official synopsis has been released, Deadline reports the movie might have some similarities to the Oscar-nominated film "Marriage Story," which stars Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson as a couple going through a divorce, "while resonating a number of social themes that the world is experiencing right now."

Deadline goes on to report how "Malcolm & Marie" came together. Not long after Levinson found out production on "Euphoria" was being halted due to COVID-19, Zendaya asked him if he could write and direct a movie. That was on March 16 and just six days later, he apparently was ready to go with the movie and eventually got Washington, who will star in Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller "Tenant" with Robert Pattinson, when that movie eventually hits theaters.

"For two weeks, cast and crew wore masks, social distanced had their own separate dwellings with individual HVAC units, took hikes, rehearsed in the parking lot, and ate in designated spots food prepared by a chef who had been quarantined with the group. No one was allowed to leave the property," Deadline writes. "While the set crew and actors were quarantined, there was a separate pod that included the production designer, set dresser and grips who worked together to prep the house for production."

Zendaya took to Twitter and shared a black-and-white still from "Malcolm & Marie," which shows the stars embracing while the "Euphoria" star holds...a sandwich.

Click here to read Deadline's full report on the film, which does not have a release date and it is unclear if the movie has distribution.

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