Thirst-Trapping with Louw Breytenbach, Mr Gay World 2021

Monday November 8, 2021
Originally published on November 1, 2021

Louw Breytenbach
Louw Breytenbach  (Source:Instagram)

South African Louw Breytenbach made history on Saturday October 30 when he became the third man from that country to be crowned Mr Gay World, reports the website, The South African.

"Breytenbach beat out nine other contestants from across the world for the crown during the virtual crowning and he hopes to make a difference on the African continent with the title."

This year the Mr Gay World 2021 was held virtually due to the pandemic between Saturday October 23 and Saturday October30. "The pageant includes various photoshoot challenges and a stage competition where one must show an interest in the world around him, authenticity, and leadership skills amongst other qualities," The South African added.

The site also said, "Breytenbach was crowned Mr Gay World 2021 with Joel Rey Carcasona from the Philippines taking the first runner-up spot and Joshuan Aponte from Puerto Rico taking the second runner-up. Breytenbach also won the Mr Photogenic, Personal Interview, and Viewers Choice 2021 awards at the pageant."

On Instagram, Breytenbach wrote about winning: "One of the most special moments of my life... The announcement of becoming Mr Gay World SA 2021 @mrgwsa is not only an honour but a commitment and promise to the entire LGBTIQ+ Community that we will not have another cover boy who doesnt address the issues in the community. We are here to drive change and open dialogue on Mental Health, Equality and injustices facing our community. Love louder and let's make sure this pageant is about more than just a hashtag. Thank u to all those who believe in me, support me, voted for me, prayed for me, and to all the amazing gents who shared that stage with me. It is all such a blessing!"

And in another IG, he got more personal, discussing his struggles with mental health and his weight over the years, as well as dealing with the pandemic.

"12 years ago I tried to commit suicide a third time.. Two.5 years ago I was in a life altering car accident which was highly publicized and landed me in a mental health facility.

"Then I made the papers for my weight struggles and closing businesses in lockdown and so many were shocked that a year ago I cleaned houses to make ends meet and keep my staff employed. A cancer scare, and plenty breakdowns later..... We got here ? NEVER STOP TRYING. NEVER STOP FIGHTING. NEVER STOP BELIEVING. Your future self depends on you getting through today's struggle. You are so worthy.

"MR GAY WORLD - I mean... Wow. I am so blessed and thankful to every person who made this possible!! The crown is in Africa for the first time in a decade! 69 countries in the world still criminalize homosexuality and 29 of them are in Africa -- I want to be a driving force to change this and challenge this along with my existing charities

"A very special thank you to The Lord above, my family, friends, fans, supporters, my amazinc sponsors, management and the silent observers who have cheered me on - THANK YOU. You will never know how you have impacted my life, and I hope to be a strong enough leader to impact others."

Breytenbach is an actor and arts administrator from Boksburg, Johannesburg, where he is the director of the National Arts Association of South Africa and the owner of the LALT House of Growth, a drama school that specializes in talent development. Breytenbach founded the Boksburg drama school in 2012.

"The 32-year-old actor was crowned Mr Gay World South Africa in May this year," The South African said.

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