'Own the Truth' Says Organizer of LA's 'Small Dong March'

Friday October 29, 2021
Originally published on October 28, 2021

A marcher in last Saturday's Small Dong March in LA
A marcher in last Saturday's Small Dong March in LA  (Source:YouTube)

It has taken some time for small penises to get respect, but it happened recently in LA thanks to a pair of social media influencers.

TMZ reported that "Los Angeles played host to the 'Small Dong March' ... with throngs of folks taking to the streets to try and end the stigma around tiny members." The "Small Dong March" "was organized and led by Chad and JT of YouTube fame.

The website complex.com reports that JT said: "Some people are embarrassed to show up. If you have a small dong, the truth will come out. So own that truth." 


One of the banners in the march read "End Small Dong Shame."

"All dongs are created equal!" one participant's sign exclaimed. Another read, "My dong is not a choking hazard."

The New York Post reports that some "held up homemade posters claiming Jesus Christ and Tucker Carlson both had small penises."

The Post adds that "(s)everal demonstrators insisted they were simply attending the march as 'allies' and claimed they were actually well-endowed. A number of women also hit the streets in support of the cause."

But on the Howard Stern show, the pair explained how Fox News told them in an interview that this wasn't a subject to be discussed on air.

Though, the Post adds, those with smaller penises may have the last laugh. "Last year, an OnlyBuy survey found that the biggest earners tend to have the smallest penises. Men packing 3-inch penises — apparently the threshold for a micropenis — made an annual income of about $76,780 on average, according to the report. Not only that, but males with 4-inch penises were more likely to be promoted."

One user posted a TikTok of the event that includes the crowd shouting, "Motion of the ocean."

YouTube contributor FlyingOverTr0ut posted a video of the event with the words "Don't call me a hero. I did what any concerned citizen would do."

In the video he displays the two signs he made, then explains: "I was raised in a home where it was taught to hate people with small dongs. And I use to bully people with small dongs. I'm not proud of that. But I started realizing people with small dongs were people just like me too. They have the same problems as me too... I realized one of my good friends is small donger and I started to change."

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