Watch: 'FAKE GAIIS' Out TikToker Calls Out Straights Pretending to be Gay

Sunday August 8, 2021
Originally published on August 5, 2021

Barrett Paul calling out men with dual social media accounts, one gay and one straight
Barrett Paul calling out men with dual social media accounts, one gay and one straight  (Source:TikTok)

A gay TikToker expressed his anger at others on the social media platform who have two accounts, one where they are their straight selves and another where they pretend to be gay to make money.

"Barrett Pall's original TikTok, which was posted July 13 and has amassed over 230,000 views and almost 40,000 likes, shows screenshots of creators who purportedly have two TikTok accounts. Pall claims the creators had 'straight' accounts and separate 'queer' accounts to pander to LGBTQ audiences," reported the Insider.


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"In recent weeks, more people have begun to criticize members of a content group called the Alpha House Boys, whom Pall claimed had separate straight and gay accounts," added the Insider.

"I am so angry right now," Pall says at the onset of his video.

"There is a group of guys on this app that are friends and each one of them has their normal account, and then they're pretending to be gay, to pander to an entire other audience and make money off of our lived experience."

He proceeded to show on a screen behind him a number of the men he accuses of gay-baiting.

"Pretending to be gay is possibly one of the grossest things I've seen on this app to make money," he concludes. "And we've seen a lot of gross things on this app, especially because this app targets queer creators and has us kicked off the app. Yet, these guys get to do whatever they want. go wild y'all."

One man that Pall accused is Jake Bentz, who did not respond to the Insider for comment. He has 1.5 million followers on TikTok under the handle @Bentz and 250,000 followers on Instagram. 

"A secondary account that appears to belong to Bentz, which is called @brookslock and has 330,000 followers, is full of videos with the pride flag emoji and references to having a boyfriend. On Bentz's primary account, he posts videos with someone he calls his 'girlfriend,' " added Insider.


I'm beyond fed up with @barrettpall before you claim to know peoples sexuality's please do more research ##gay ##loveislove love you so much @seffbreezy ? original sound - BroEaston

But another man — Mitchell Hale, who has 20,000 followers under the account @BroEaston and who was accused by Pall of pretending to be gay — hit back at the allegations in a TikTok uploaded July 15. "It's a guy calling out people he doesn't even know, and telling them what their sexuality is." Hale went on to say that he has been in a relationship with a man for more than a year.

"We face enough hate as it is from the straight community, and it's even worse when it's hate coming from the community that you belong to."

In a statement to Insider, Hale said, "how dare Barrett Pall try to guess my or anyone else's sexuality."

But Hale's comments have put AlphaHouseBoys (and their TikTok, Instagram and Twitter accounts) under scrutiny. As the website wrote, "Many of them feature in each other's videos with directions to OnlyFans accounts charging people subscriptions on Instagram.

"The twist? On their main accounts, some claim to have girlfriends, and there are no references to them being members of the LGBTQ+ community."

In one TikTok video six of the group are scene attempting to dance (awkwardly) with the words "When you're all tops," (followed by a pride flag emoji). The comments pretty much said it all:

"They're straight," said one. "RHYTHM WHERE? THEY'RE STR8 (followed by four 'LOL' emojis)," said another.

Commenting on their lack of dance skills, one TikTokker wrote, "And not a single one on beat, I feel like that says a lot about their 'top' skills." Another wrote, "When you all have zero coordination (followed by three lol emojis)."

Another slammed them with: "I only see bottoms tho."

But best of all was a TikTok from out actor Johnny Sibilly, who recently appeared as the sexy water inspector on HBO Max's "Hacks," who stitched his own video featuring the boys' lame dancing, followed by him laughing hysterically.


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