Get to Know Out Singer Omar Apollo with these Sexy Posts

by Shawn Laib

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday February 20, 2023
Originally published on February 8, 2023

Omar Apollo
Omar Apollo  (Source:Instagram / @omar.apollo)

Omar Apollo is a name that many aren't familiar with yet, but they will be very soon. The rising pop star is a first-generation American with Mexican parents, therefore he is able to bring his Latin roots to the forefront of his music. He's also openly gay, bringing some much needed BIPOC representation to the queer community. "Evergreen" is probably the most commercially successful song in Apollo's catalog at this point in his early career.

Even as we make progress with LGBTQ+ movements in music, they are often very white. Apollo will surely inspire many fans with his unique brand of songwriting and his fun sense of humor on social media such as Instagram and TikTok. We decided to compile our favorite posts from Omar Apollo for your viewing pleasure!

We're gonna start right out of the gate with some chest! Apollo knew what reaction this post was going to elicit, with all three pictures just being different angles of the musician glowing in the sunshine seeping through his window. His shirtless chest and arms are the stars of the show.

@omar.apollo evergreen video setttttt 🤠

♬ original sound - Omar Apollo

Someone's personality goes a long way in their attractiveness, and when it's a celebrity it's even more important to identify which ones are humble and have a sense of humor. Apollo uses his TikTok to make a lot of fun little skits, and in this one he shows off his unorthodox way of warming up his vocal cords. Some commenters thought the video would make a good alarm clock; I'm not sure we agree with this sentiment!

Seeing a musician in their natural place of comfort is very sexy. This location is often when they're on tour, and it's no different for Omar Apollo. He shows off his guitar skills on stage while shirtless, and he also thanks the fans and his crew members for being by his side while touring. It's nice to see that the singer appreciates the people in his life, adding to his thirst-worthiness in the process.

@omar.apollo burn that bridge!

♬ original sound - Omar Apollo

Be careful taking life advice from celebrities, but we think this clip of Omar Apollo suggesting that you burn bridges you can no longer cross to be ironically funny and useful. Famous people know a lot about how relationships change and how people try to use celebrities for their money and other assets. Commenters found Apollo's wisdom to be sexy and authentic.

Turquoise hair and purple bath water looks good when Omar Apollo is submerged in this setup. The singer started to expand his fashion choices in this 2020 post, and his guitar in hand shows that music is always at the heart of what he does. It's pretty fun when you can look good while doing what you love!

@omar.apollo waiiitttt 😩🤲🏽

♬ Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg

It's a double dose of handsome in this post from Omar Apollo as he gets in on a recent TikTok trend with a friend. Seeing celebrities involved in the most up-to-date filters and videos on the platform is always fun to see! Apollo's dance moves and blue jacket make this thirst trap a light-hearted one.

Apollo's style is once again the focus of this IG post, with the singer directing our attention to his tank top and outlandish-yet-fashionable choice of pants. Fans thirsted over his keen awareness of clothing combinations in the comments section. We can't say we blame them!

@omar.apollo @FARFETCH #farfetch #yourchoiceyourfarfetch ♬ original sound - Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo puts his fashion sense into his own words with this advertisement for British-Portuguese fashion company Farfetch. It's always nice to hear the thought process behind what celebrities wear, especially when they are still evolving their look early in their career like Apollo is.

Back to the blue hair again for this behind-the-scenes look at the making of a music video for "Apolonio." The retro look of the film along with the cigarette in Apollo's mouth must mean the singer is going for an old-school sexy look. We happen to think it's definitely working, and the comments section agrees!

@omar.apollo 🙄🙄

♬ original sound - Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo is already cute on his own, but when you add an adorable puppy into the mix you get a perfect alchemic mix of beauty! We suggest Omar have puppies in all of his further videos. That's not too much to ask, right?

Apollo decided to give us a first-person point of view of a date with him in this handsome IG post. His glasses also are a great addition to his typical fashion sense. If you slide through the pictures, you'll get to see more pictures of Apollo with his friends on vacation.

@omar.apollo GRAMMYS omw

♬ original sound - Mulug

The Grammys are often controversial and unsatisfying for those who don't agree with the winners. One thing we can all enjoy is seeing our favorite musicians dress up and show out for the big night. The voice-over of Shawn Mendes in this TikTok adds to the steaminess of this thirst trap.