Puff E-Cig Lights up the Vaping Industry, Launches CBD Collection

by Kelsy Chauvin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday July 9, 2020

Puff E-Cig Lights up the Vaping Industry, Launches CBD Collection
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With nearly a decade on the market, Puff E-Cig has become a leader in the vaping industry, producing top-rated products, including vape juice, batteries and chargers, starter kits, and all that a traditional smoker needed to switch from cigarettes to vapes.

Puff E-Cig quickly rose to the top as one of the best vape brands for its reliable products, new technology and smart pricing. After a few years, the brand's next evolution emerged as an online retailer of all things vape.

Now, the Michigan-based company is an emporium of top vape products and accessories, too, like pod systems, coils, tanks, mouthpieces and dozens of vape-juice flavors. Better still, browsing at PuffEcig.com can bring sweet deals in its ever-changing sale and clearance items.

"Since we began as a vape brand, our Puff E-Cig team learned the industry from the early days," says Manager Andrew Shango. "We built on that experience to open our online store. The bottom line is that we want to deliver authentic products to our customers, as conveniently as possible, with fast and reliable shipping. We're known for great customer service and competitive pricing. We strictly adhere to all nicotine-sales laws and local regulations, and require all customers to upload their IDs to verify that they're 21 or older before any purchase."

"For our overall retail mission, we try to run Puff E-Cig as if we are the customers," says Shango. "We work every day to create a seamless digital shopping and product-search experience."

With such attention to detail and care for its customers, it makes sense that Puff-brand goods are best-sellers. Its disposables, Puff Bar and Puff Plus, are popular, along with a variety of others. In total, Puff E-Cig offers nearly 60 disposable devices, making it one of the most expansive disposable collections in the vaping industry. Accessory products include Puff batteries, cleaning tools and coils, along with plus Puff vape juice and e-liquid tobacco proudly made in North Carolina.

Other hit products run the gamut of flavors, colors, accessories and more ways for customers to personalize their vape gear and experiences. Among its most popular are Ooze's pens and kits,Naked's wide assortment of e-liquid flavors, and Yocan's vaporizers for dry herb, oil and concentrate.

In a salute to loyal customers, Puff E-Cig offers a rewards program. "Puff Points" are earned instantly through rewards enrollment (100 points), with two points banked per $1 spent. Other earnings come from an Instagram follow (100 points) and each birthday (200 points). Rewards can be redeemed for store credits and coupons, starting at 500 Puff Points, which equals $10.

The company is expanding into CBD, too. Its newly launched CBDforus online store features CBD goods ranging from oil and tinctures to gummies, capsules and smokable flowers. Like its nicotine products, CBDforus sources its CBD from hemp farmers in North Carolina.

Shopping the site is intuitive, with easy-to-navigate categories, including CBD gummies and CBD oils. And to keep up with a more recent trend, the CBD for pets section offers Canna River CBD oil in chicken and bacon flavors.

"We always strive to improve," says Shango. "For Puff E-Cig and for CBDforus, we're always working on faster shipping times, greater convenience, and an even larger variety of products that cater to our customers. Our brands are sold and shipped around the world, so we're proud to be global. Hopefully, the future keeps seeing progress across the industry, and innovations that lead to even more great vape and CBD products."

Puff E-Cig complies with the Michigan Vape Ban and all other states Vape bans. Zero Nicotine products, tobacco, and unflavored nicotine products are allowed in Michigan. Massachusetts will not be able to purchase. The FDA dictates the minimum age for purchases. A valid ID must be uploaded into Puff E-Cig's age-checker before purchase.

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