Anti-GLTBQ Group One Million Moms Seized by Vapors Over Gay-Themed Pixar Short Film 'Out'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday June 1, 2020

Someone grab the smelling salts! Anti-LGBTQ (and utterly misnamed) group One Million Moms has noticed that Pixar has made a gay-themed short film called "Out" that's streaming now at Disney+.

Pixar's parent company, Disney, has featured LGBTQ characters before, but not as the central character of a film.

Memorably, LeFou, a secondary character in the live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" was portrayed as being gay and more than a little attracted to a male character, the arrogant and conniving Gaston. LeFou was played by Dan Stevens and was hailed as being Disney's first gay character.

"Onward," a full-length Pixar feature film that premiered earlier this year, also featured a gay secondary character, a lesbian police officer who was voiced by Lena Waithe.

Disney recently posted about the short film on Instagram, noting that "Out" is one of Pixar's "Sparkshorts" and reminding viewers that "Out" would be available on streaming service Disney+ on May 22.

The main character was seen in a "First Look" trailer, shared at social media platforms, as anticipating how he'll make the reveal to his parents: "To look them in the eyes and say, 'Mom, Dad, I'm...!"

As he speaks, the gay main character looks at a photo of himself with his boyfriend - a photo his faithful dog attempts to hide when the parents unexpectedly arrive early. The names engraved on the picture frame are "Greg" and "Manuel."

To absolutely no one's surprise, the anti-gay group is shrilling for a boycott. What did surprise some observers was how long it took for the pearl-clutching to commence.

"Out" began streaming last weekend, and several anti-LGTBQ groups and sites instantly jumped on the usual anti-gay gravy train as it navigated the same tired circles. But the deafening silence from the group that claims to have a million purported moms in its membership drew a curious query from Friendly Atheist as to just what was going on in hatesville.

Fretted Friendly Atheist:

Is she on vacation somehow? Where did she go?! This is the moment she's been preparing for her whole life and she's on hiatus?! The group rushed out an angry press release at the mere sight of two dads on DuckTales, but a Pixar short film about a gay couple premieres for millions of fans and she gets stage fright or something.

I expected better from you, Monica Cole. I don't know why you're holding in the bigotry. But you found time to update your Facebook page with a Jesus meme, so someone's on duty. At least tweet out a pointless petition so we know you're okay.

Worry no more, watchers of the vitriolic right. The inaptly-named group (which Friendly Atheist notes has a meager Twitter count of less than 5,000) showed signs of life with an admittedly less-than-inspired statement on the short film.

Fumed One Million Moms:

Disney has been criticized by homosexual activists in the past for its lack of LGBTQ characters in its programs. But recently Disney has increased its inclusion of LGBTQ characters in supporting roles.

To quote a famous LGBTQ equality advocate: "Oh, myyy." But wait: There's more! Well, sort of. It turns out that more, in this case, is less - just a warmed-over call for a boycott.

Fulminated the group:

Christian parents who have a Disney+ subscription should seriously consider canceling it since Disney cannot be trusted.

Can't be trusted to... show its audience a realistic depiction of the world at large? Provide LGBTQ audience members with the occasional representation of themselves and their lives?

Well, no, that's not the rub for the numerically optimistic group, which went on to posit that:

Disney is clearly supporting unbiblical values and promoting sin to children.

"Sin," evidently, is the depiction of an adult son who finds love and support from his parents when he comes out of the closet. Or maybe the "sin" lies with the main character's decision to honor his mother and father by no longer lying to them. Or... could it be that the "sin" is the son's commitment to his life partner, with whom he's decided to share living space - a relationship step that is widely assumed to signify commitment, trust, and exclusivity?

Adds the hate group:

We need to stand together to preserve the innocence of our children.

Because, of course, nothing screams "Death of childhood innocence!" like, say, the acknowledgment that the guys up the street are a married couple, or that Uncle Charlie's male "friend" is "special" to Charlie in the same spousal way that Uncle Mac's wife is "special" to Mac.

Kilian Melloy serves as EDGE Media Network's Associate Arts Editor and Staff Contributor. His professional memberships include the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, the Boston Online Film Critics Association, The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association, and the Boston Theater Critics Association's Elliot Norton Awards Committee.