What Does 'RPDR13' Contestant Joey Jaye's Tally Mark Tattoo Mean?

Friday January 15, 2021

Joey Jaye displaying his tally tattoo
Joey Jaye displaying his tally tattoo  (Source:Twitter)

" 'RuPaul's Drag Race' has never had a queen like me," Season 13 contestant Joey Jaye. The Phoenix-based drag performer, who made his first appearance in the Werk Room decked in chicken feathers, said he was going to "cluck and buck all the way to the top."

"Described as a 'dancing powerhouse,' Joey Jay is a 'celebrated Jewish princess with unmatched rhinestoning skills'," reports the website AZCentral.

He made the show, according to his "Meet the Queens" video, on his third try. "I'm a good loser and a great winner," Joey Jay said in the video. "I am, like, the lipstick lesbian of Phoenix."

"(I am) definitely more masculine when I'm in drag compared to when I'm out. I'm such a sissy little white boy out of drag," the Milwaukee native said.

He also recently tweeted a pic showing a curious tattoo on his left arm of thirteen black tally marks, which has come to represent the number of loads a bottom takes in a gang-bang. Jaye offered no explanation, though it can be assumed it is just a nod to his other Drag Race competitors.

One of them, though, saw its X-rated connotation. "Denali replied to Joey's announcement of the tattoo with a meme of a gaping Kermit The Frog. So I guess everyone just assumed Joey's new tat was about raw loads!," writes the NSFW website The Sword.

Check out these pics of Joey Jay in and out of drag from his Instagram:

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