Watch: Jack Harlow Would Have Done Shower Scene. If Only Lil Nas X Knew

Sunday July 25, 2021

When Jack Harlow didn't turn up in the shower scene in Lil Nas X's "Industry Baby" video that dropped on Friday, One fan tweeted, "kinda was wishin to see jack n ya gettin nasty together but it was fine liked it super gay as always u're doin great sweetie."

A clothed Harlow appears in the video dancing with a female dancer and helping Lil Nas X break out of Montero State Prison, but his non-appearance in the shower scene wasn't his choice.

"He surprised many when he responded to online comments by saying he'd gladly have doffed his boxers and popped into the shower with Nas and the boys," reports Variety.

"Nas wrote the whole treatment for this video and I followed his lead every step of the way. If he had asked me to be in that shower scene I woulda been in that shower scene," he wrote. "I just let the mastermind cook. Honored to be a part of it."

Lil Nas X responded, "wait!!! i didn't know! let's shoot it again! please jack harlow!!! please."

He then apologized to the LGBTQ community: "Then he added, "to the lgbtq+ community i sincerely apologize. i have failed you. i am embarrassed. i am ashamed. and i will learn from my mistakes."

When a fan suggested they make a video immediately, Lil Nas X wrote, "i already tried he's not here for it." Then adding in the comment, "ohhh he meant music."

Lil Nas X wrote the script to the video, directed by Christian Breslauer, that was a follow-up to a court-room parody released earlier this week "where the rapper was on trial before Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (portrayed by Nas) for being gay, this one finds him serving out a sentence in the fictional Montero State Prison," adds Variety.

The video is loosely based on "The Shawshank Redemption" with Nas escaping from prison; though, as Variety notes, "he seems to be having so much fun there it's hard to imagine why: He's fondling his dancers throughout the clip — including a hilarious nude dance scene in the shower with everyone's privates pixilated — and even guest rapper Jack Harlow gets in on the action, although with a female dancer. The song is the latest to be released from Nas' forthcoming debut full-length album "Montero," due "later this year" on Columbia Records."