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Radio Host Blasts Pride Month: 'We Are All Not Children of God'

Thursday Jun 15, 2017

To his credit, if you buy the whole "children of God" thing, would you want this guy for a brother?

With Pride month not even half over, conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson railed against the idea that all human beings are the children of God.

Speaking to his radio audience Wednesday morning, the frequent guest on Fox News' Sean Hannity program referred to June as "homosexual month," which he said, "celebrated sin." Peterson also blasted liberals of every way, shape and form.

"We are all not children of God," Peterson said "Do you think Maxine Waters is a child of God? Come on. Do you think Michael Eric Dyson is a son of God? No!"

Peterson continued:

"Do you think the dirty women march were women who are daughters of God? The antifa folks, do you think that they are children of God? How about Hillary Clinton? There is nothing on this side of heaven to indicate that Hillary Clinton is a child of God."

"You're not all children of God. You're children of your father, the Devil," he said.

Peterson's inflammatory rhetoric shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with his work. A member of several far right wing groups for African Americans, Peterson made waves in 2005 when, following Hurricane Katrina, he wrote in a piece published by World Net Daily stating that the people stranded in New Orleans were "welfare pampered," "lazy" and immoral."

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