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HIV Activist Jack Mackenroth Utilizes Best 'Assets' to Raise $75K for HIV/AIDS

Wednesday Jul 12, 2017

Jack Mackenroth is an over-achiever.

He's a UC Berkley graduate, a decorated athlete, a successful fashion designer, in-demand model, television reality star, HIV activist, social media powerhouse, and now -- a record-breaking fundraiser using all of his resources to break down stigma and increase donations. Jack has also been an out, HIV-positive man since 1990.

Mackenroth's first attempt at major fundraising came in 2014, when he participated in his first BRAKING AIDSĀ® Ride. The BRAKING AIDSĀ® Ride is a three day, 285-mile, fully supported bike ride from Boston to New York.

Proceeds benefit Housing Works, an organization that works to end the dual crises of HIV/AIDS and homelessness. Jack recalls life as an HIV-positive man in the 1990s -- he saw firsthand how organizations such as Housing Works provided critical care, resources, and hope to the community when those things were scarce.

Jack is passionate about HIV activism, and he's no stranger to it. He's also incredibly successful at raising awareness (and money) through sassy antics, style, and a sense of humor. He's so good at it that his personal campaign in 2014 raised $56,000. (The official goal is $3,500 per rider.)

Jack pulls out all the stops to reach his goal in style -- he stripped down to bare it all for high-level donations on more than one occasion and frequently uses his well-toned body as an incentive for new donations. He's sex-positive, body-positive, and confident -- and his bold and shameless attitude is irresistible.

This year Jack is back, with an even bigger goal: to personally raise over $75,000 for Housing Works.

To put that number into perspective, $75,000 can provide three months of primary care services for 300 low-income New Yorkers, two years of hot meals for HIV-positive clients in need, and 25 computer workstations for HIV-positive job trainees. And that's just Jack's personal fundraising.

Mackenroth is also building a team of like-minded (and bodied) individuals called "The Mack Pack," and his team-building philosophy is simple: More is more. The Mack Pack of the 2014 ride raised almost $200,000. In true Jack fashion, he's aiming even higher this go-around. He's already secured $10,000 in sponsorship from HORNET, a gay social app that promises users community built around shared experience and common interests.

Riders of all levels are welcome to join The Mack Pack, which promises to be an exciting, dynamic, and supportive team. Jack supports the group by providing fundraising tips, training rides, and lots of energy to keep riders going strong throughout the ride. In 2014 he made his team 21 red tutus for day 2 of the ride known as "Red Dress Day."

The Mack Pack has a fundraising day planned for July 29th at The Monstercycle in New York. Jack asserts "doing the ride is a great way to feel like you are making a real difference when you feel powerless -- especially in Trump bizarro world." Riders can still register through the summer at or by contacting Jack directly on social media, of course, his medium du jour. (@jackmackenroth)

In 2014, when Jack committed to raising $50,000 in seven weeks, he (admittedly) incorrectly assumed that the process would be straightforward given his reach on social media. Facing tons of competition for donations online from crowdfunding websites and social fundraising, asking politely just wasn't cutting it, so Jack created an innovative strategy to stand out.

Jack countered this challenge with a solution that is intelligent, innovative and sexy, his signature combination. Capitalizing on his superhero physique, coupled with his reach of over 750K, Jack created a new guerilla marketing opportunity. For $250, Jack will write your company's name (or anything you request) on his bare chest and post a link to your site, for $1000, he'll write it on his very toned "ass-billboard" and post to all his followers.

He's repeating the same strategy this year. He'll also be auctioning underwear, jock straps, swimwear, and uber sexy gear from Breedwell, which is a sleek and ingenious lifestyle brand that infuses LED technology into fetish gear.

offered to send one item from their website to anyone who donates $500 or more. Baskit underwear has stepped up and will send a pair of underwear to anyone who donates $100 or more. Check out all the cool items and perks that Jack is offering on his donation page. And DONATE!!

This is all on-message, of course -- the official BRAKING AIDS Ride slogan this year is "Get On Your Ass." Jack is doing just that -- using all parts of himself to achieve his goal, and to help continue the critical work done by Housing Works. This year is critical for the continuation of much-needed funding for Housing Works, as the new administration promises to reduce HIV/AIDS funding on all levels.

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