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Federal Officials to Conduct Hate Crime Trainings in Puerto Rico

By Michael K. Lavers | Mar 13
EDGE has learned that the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will conduct training on hate crimes for Puerto Rican law enforcement officials. Federal officials will also meet with Puerto Rican LGBT activists this week.

Puerto Rico Police Investigate Another Possible Anti-Gay Hate Crime

By Michael K. Lavers | Oct 27
José Juan Jiménez Santiago’s body was found in Corozal early on Wednesday, Oct. 26. Puerto Rican police have yet to identify a motive behind the nurse’s death, but LGBT activists continue to urge investigators to examine whether his murder is a hate crime.

Justice Department Report Blasts Puerto Rico Police

By Michael K. Lavers | Sep 8
A Justice Department report that blasts Puerto Rico police for widespread abuses of power, inadequate training and endemic corruption also concludes that the agency has not adequately responded to hate crimes on the island.

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