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AK Dept. of Health Ordered to List Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates

By Ryan Lynch | Dec 23
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson directed state officials to allow for same-sex parents to receive birth certificates with both of their names listed.

Study: Shared Parenting After Separation Benefits Children

By EDGE | Dec 18
After decades of child development research, this year, three different groups of experts reached the same sweeping conclusion: shared parenting after parental separation or divorce has substantial positive effects on the development of children.

Aussie Study Suggest Kids of Same-Sex Parents Healthier, Happier

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 5
Children of same-sex parents enjoy better levels of health and wellbeing than others, a new Australian research suggests.

Texas Judge Won’t List Gay Dads on Kids’ Birth Certificates

By Winnie McCroy | Jun 19
A Texas judge has denied two gay men the right to have their names placed on the birth certificates of their newborn twins, because the couple is married.

Being a Parent Changes Your Brain, Whether You’re Gay or Straight

By Winnie McCroy | May 27
A new study conducted in Israel shows that gay men raising children they adopted through surrogacy may experience the same changes in their brain activity as both new mothers and fathers.

Attorney Elizabeth Hoffman on The Evolving Definition of Family

By Winnie McCroy | May 15
Elizabeth Hoffman, a Seattle attorney at family law firm McKinley Irvin shares her extensive experience working with families to sort out a variety of complex custody issues.

Calif. Assembly Passes Bill Revamping Birth Certificates

May 8
Lawmakers in the Assembly have approved a bill that updates birth certificates to reflect the status of same-sex parents.

Utah AG Intervenes To Halt Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples

Apr 11
The Utah Attorney General is asking a state appeals court to block two adoptions recently approved for same-sex couples.

Backers of Challenge to Gay-Marriage Ban Rally in Detroit

Mar 3
Supporters of a lesbian couple who are challenging Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage are planning a rally outside Detroit’s federal courthouse.

Professor Defends Homes Led by Same-Sex Couples

By Ed White | Feb 26
A sociologist testifying at Michigan’s gay marriage trial says research clearly shows that children raised by same-sex parents suffer no disadvantage when compared to other kids.

1 thru 10 of 38 Stories