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11 thru 30 of 1217

The Hillcrest Wind Ensemble :: Making the Season Bright

By Tim Parks | Sunday Dec 10, 2017
The Hillcrest Wind Ensemble brings over 30 years of experience and history with them, when they take the Parq West stage for their Holiday Revue on Saturday, December 16.

Health & Fitness Lover Gift Guide

By Jay Jones and Brad Hart | Saturday Dec 9, 2017
Looking for that special something to give that special someone? Never fear, our Gift Guides are here! Help your gym bunny get hopping and keep your Jack jumping for joy with these fitness-conscious notions.

Miracle on 34th Street

By Lisa Lipsey | Saturday Dec 9, 2017
What is super cool about this production is that it's based on the 1947 Lux Radio Hour. Audiences will see and enjoy how a radio studio makes the magic of storytelling come to life.

'Call Me By Your Name' :: A Voyage Through Discovery and Desire

By Joel Martens | Saturday Dec 9, 2017
We had the chance to sit down with Director Luca Guadagnino, Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, and Michael Stuhlbarg to discuss the process of creating the magic of "Call Me By Your Name."

Eating Disorders and the LGBTQ Community

By Myra Hendley, Primary Therapist, Eating Recovery Center | Sunday Nov 26, 2017
When general self-worth suffers, eating disorders can often present in people's lives as a way to cope or fill a void.

The Merry Men of Men Alive

By Tony Reverditto | Saturday Nov 25, 2017
It may seem a little early for a Christmas anecdote, but MenAlive, Orange County Gay Men's Chorus holiday concert takes place Friday and Saturday, December 1 and 2, so we didn't want you to miss it!

Take the Good... Take the Bad

By Cutter Slagle | Sunday Nov 19, 2017
It's common, maybe even easy, to be thankful for all of the good that comes our way. But what about all of the bad that undoubtedly comes?

Kelly Clarkson : The Girl Next Door All Grown Up

By Joel Martens | Saturday Nov 18, 2017
It's hard to believe it's been 15 years since Kelly Clarkson burst on the scene at the tender age of 20, in the inaugural season of "American Idol" back in 2002. Clarkson talks with The Rage Monthly about her music and new album.

Delectable Devices to Delight Your Tate Buds

By Brad Hart | Sunday Nov 12, 2017
Spruce up home and travel and treat your tongue with these smart and useful products!

Delectable Devices to Delight Your Taste Buds

By Brad Hart | Sunday Nov 12, 2017
Spruce up home and travel and treat your tongue with these smart and useful products!

Randy Rainbow :: Creating Comedic Gold

By Tim Parks | Sunday Nov 12, 2017
With a song in his heart and a wicked sense of humor up his sleeve, Randy Rainbow has made quite a name for himself in the world of parody... and, yes, that is his real surname.

A Tasteful Affair - An Event to Remember

By Tony Reverditto | Saturday Nov 11, 2017
Now in its third year, the "dress to impress" event, sponsored by the Port of Long Beach, features a complimentary Champagne greeting, delicious small plates, as well as a no host bar and live entertainment.

'Beats Per Minute' :: France's AIDS Biopic

By Chris Carpenter | Saturday Nov 11, 2017
A number of powerful films depicting the early years of the HIV/AIDS crisis are rightly considered classics. We can now add to this list Robin Campillo's excellent addition, "BPM (Beats Per Minute)."

Rotterdam :: Living and Loving Authentically

By Lisa Lipsey | Monday Nov 6, 2017
This holiday season Skylight Theatre Company asks audiences to join them as they examine transformation, humor, complex relationships and authenticity.

'As One' :: The Face of Self-Discovery with Blythe Gaissert and Kelly Markgraf

By Joel Martens | Monday Nov 6, 2017
Every once in a while you get to bear witness to something that changes not only your view on the world but alters the course for everyone who comes in contact with it. "As One" is definitely one of those moments.

San Diego Women's Chorus :: Elemental Connections

Monday Nov 6, 2017
In wrapping up their thirtieth anniversary season, the San Diego Women's Chorus is delighting in the opportunity to celebrate and connect with Mother Nature, bringing sunny San Diego a sampling of all things elemental.

All The World's A Stage :: 'Something Rotten''s Adam Pascal

By Tim Parks | Monday Nov 6, 2017
Shakespeare once wrote in the play "As You Like It" that "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." The tried-and-true adage is something actor Adam Pascal can certainly relate to.

The Moors :: Juxtaposing The Old and The New

By Lisa Lipsey | Monday Nov 6, 2017
Is it true that everything old is new? Perhaps everything is just old? Maybe just timeless? Playwright Jen Silverman investigates this concept.

Mr. Gay San Diego :: A Tradition Reborn

By Korie Houston | Monday Nov 6, 2017
After roughly a decade passing by, organizers Big Mike, Robert Rodriguez and the Imperial Court de San Diego are reviving the Mr. Gay San Diego competition.

Sharing Stories of the LGBT Journey

By William E. Kelly | Sunday Oct 29, 2017
The sacred ground of the freedoms we enjoy today were built on the pain and suffering of those who came before us.

11 thru 30 of 1217