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The Best of Hilary Duff

by Christopher Sandlin
EDGE Gulf Coast Regional Editor
Friday Nov 21, 2008
The Best of Hilary Duff

When I first heard about the upcoming release of "Best of Hilary Duff" my first thoughts were...Why?? She's neither old nor dead. Though Hilary Don't Call me Lizzie McGuire Duff is a mere 21 and has had several albums over the past five years (with mostly lukewarm response), it just seems too early for a "Best Of" album. Maybe it's just me, but that implies an end to something.

And I like Hilary Duff, I really do...the same way I like cute kittens. She's pretty, blonde-or-brunette (depending on the year), and has a great voice. But she just doesn't have the personality that ensures the longevity of other talented people. Still...and it's a guilty pleasure of mine, but I have to admit. I like her music, even though it sounds like something that could've been done by any other popular female singer. Maybe that will keep her around, after all.

The music on this album is fun to listen to, especially while driving. The first two tracks, Reach Out and Holiday are both catchy new songs, and have their own remixes at the end of their album. The rest of the album is just what you'd expect from the title, the best (or at least most popular) hit singles from Duff's expansive five-year career as a singer.

While this may not be a great choice for those of you who don't have Duff's other albums, this is a perfect buy for those who (like me) like her in general and would like to have some great songs on one disc. As much as this album is fun and easy to enjoy listening to, it's really nothing more than a cheap way for the studio to make money with just two new songs. Even the album's artwork was recycled from a previous album (the UK release of Dignity.

1. Reach Out
2. Holiday
3. Stranger
4. With Love
5. Play With Fire
6. Wake Up
7. Fly
8. Come Clean (Remix)
9. So Yesterday
10. Why Not
11. Reach Out (Remix)
12. Holiday (Remix)

Grade: A+ for Fun, Quality and Content.... C for Necessity.

Christopher Sandlin is the Chief Correspondent (Gulf Coast) with EDGE. His work has been published in The Dallas Morning News, International Herald Tribune and other local, national and international newspapers and and magazines. He can be reached at csandlin@edgepublications.com.


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