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Teen Wolf - Season 6 Part 2

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Nov 14, 2017
Teen Wolf - Season 6 Part 2

Like a greatly satisfying serialized novel that reawakened our love of magic, MTV's "Teen Wolf" Season 6 Part 2 took some very bold steps when the time came to bring the six-year escapades of Beacon Hills' ferociously fierce supernatural werewolves to its end. When the second half of Season 6 returned after taking some swiftly earned time off, the world had changed for the high schoolers and especially for Scott. But before he heads off to college, there is apparently one last mystery left to solve.

There's nothing more ominous than when a wolf steps onto the playing field and lures him into the dark forest near where it all began for him on that fateful day. Not everyone is ready for Scott to move on. Among his pack, Liam is having the hardest time managing all the changes. Keeping his wolf in check is also a challenge all of its own, but when a deadly creature frees itself from the confines of Eichen House, the pack is about to face its greatest fears before moving on in the very fatal final ten episodes of "Teen Wolf."

The 3-disc DVD set brings the excitement full circle and leads directly to the most climatically satisfying finale, with a very special guest from the entire series' run returning for one last hurrah. There has been great speculation surrounding a "reboot," and the show's producing team has done a great job of laying out the possibility that we'll be seeing these much-beloved characters returning in a new "Teen Wolf" incarnation. After all, you can't keep a good monster down no matter how hard you try! Fans of this long-running original series will be pleasantly surprised.

Included as part of the package are bonus "special features' including the "Farewell to Beacon Hills" behind-the-scenes set visit as the cast says goodbye, and the infamously popular and much appreciated "gag reel" returns. "Teen Wolf" Season 6 Part 2 handsomely ties up plenty of loose ends all the while still delivering on many all-new thrills and chills, as well as some great surprises. The series bows out in the best possible way and perfectly carves a path for whatever shape the future will take when "Teen Wolf" the next generation comes our way.

"Teen Wolf" Season 6 Part 2
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