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House On Haunted Hill

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Oct 9, 2018
House On Haunted Hill

I'm almost positive that Warner Brothers studio executives realized that a Vincent Price horror movie from the late 1950s was approaching its 30th anniversary in 1999. So naturally, that very film warranted a remake, right? With Scream Factory's new horror release "House on Haunted Hill," you can witness the colossal failure of a grandiose motion picture that should've stayed in the 1950s.

The film looks quite expensive, and shows as such in its Blu-ray transfer. And with a $35 million budget, the remake of "House on Haunted Hill" barely broke even at the box office. The story concerns a wealthy theme park owner (Geoffrey Rush) who invites a gaggle of strangers to an obviously CGI-looking house that overlooks a large expanse of water. The reason for the invite? Mr. Price (a nod to the late Vincent Price) is offering one million dollars to anyone that can survive the night in a house that was once an insane asylum.

As talented as Geoffrey Rush is, he's no Vincent Price. Rush's character also looks eerily similar to the late horror icon.

Among the other actors in "House on Haunted Hill" are 1990s stalwarts Famke Janssen (playing her usual bitchy best), Taye Diggs, and an underused Ali Larter. Special effects are large and booming, done on purpose, according to director William Malone in his interview segment on the Blu-ray. Malone discusses his use of atmosphere and not wanting to copy William Castle's original movie.

Many, many other special features are on Scream Factory's generous disc, a total of twelve. Eight of them get taken from the previous DVD release but, regardless, it will make fans of this overblown remake quite happy.

"House on Haunted Hill"

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