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PopUps: Fans Freak Out Over Nintendo's Pic of Luigi and His Bulge

Friday Mar 16, 2018
Nintendo's Luigi in "Mario Tennis Aces."
Nintendo's Luigi in "Mario Tennis Aces."  (Source:Nintendo)

After the Internet had a meltdown last year when Nintendo shared photos of a shirtless Mario and his nipples, fans of the video game franchise are now freaking out over a new photo of iconic plumber's brother, Luigi... who apparently has a penis.

Nintendo recently released promo pic for its upcoming game "Mario Tennis Aces," which includes a photo of Luigi in his green tennis outfit. But some fans were quick to notice that the game's designers paid some special attention to his groin area, as Luigi clearly has a bulge.

Of course, fans expressed their findings in hilarious tweets. Find the best responses and reactions below.

"Mario Tennis Aces" is out on Nintendo Switch on June 22.


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