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Lawsuit Says College Disciplined Professor Over LGBT Dispute

A Christian college in Massachusetts is being sued over allegations that it disciplined a professor for opposing the school's stance on hiring gay workers.

Clinton Backers 'Feel the Bern' of Angry Sanders Supporters

POLITICS | By Lisa Lerer | Apr 29
Nancy Schumacher says she wanted to do her civic duty, and so she heeded the call to become a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton. But in the year of the angry voter, not even an administrative assistant from Elk River, Minnesota, can escape the outrage.

Congressional GOP Beginning to Accept Trump as Nominee

POLITICS | By Erica Werner | Apr 29
Congressional Republicans are beginning to accept, and even embrace, an outcome that was once unthinkable: Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee.

Death Raises Questions: Did Prince Die of An Overdose?

NATIONAL | By Carla K. Johnson | Apr 29
Prince's final days and unexpected death at age 57 raise questions among experts familiar with prescription painkiller overdoses. It's possible the musician's demise represents one of the most public tragedies in an overdose crisis now gripping America.

CIAA Will Stay in North Carolina Despite State's LGBT Law

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association says it won't move its headquarters, its basketball tournament or other conference championships from North Carolina, despite the state's controversial new LGBT law.

Trump, Cruz Face Early Test at California GOP Conclave

POLITICS | By Michael R. Blood | Apr 29
California's Republican Party convention will be an early test for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich in a state whose June election could hold the decisive delegates in the fight for the party's presidential nomination.

Fights Follow Trump Rally in Southern Cal, About 20 Arrested

POLITICS | By Gillian Flaccus and Amy Taxin | Apr 29
Raucous protesters and supporters of Donald Trump took to the streets in California leading to some 20 arrests as the Republican presidential contender brought his campaign to conservative Orange County after sweeping the Northeast GOP primaries.

Transgender Civil Servants in Brazil Can Use Chosen Name

Brazilian transgender and transsexual civil servants will now be able to use their chosen names while on the job.

Colombia's High Court Clears Way for Gay Marriage

Colombia's highest court has cleared the way for same-sex couples to marry in the conservative Roman Catholic nation.

Oklahoma Legislators Seek Change in Sodomy Law After Ruling

Outraged Oklahoma lawmakers say they'll move quickly to change a loophole in the state's forcible sodomy law after the state's highest criminal court found it doesn't apply to cases where the victim is unconscious or intoxicated.

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