Pink Escapes for LGBT Bespoke Travel to India

Monday Nov 12, 2012

Pink Escapes is a gay-owned, ground-breaking and affordable 'Bespoke Pink Luxury' travel boutique in India showcasing India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka in style whilst entwining pink experiences to make sure travelers have a well-rounded and enjoyable experience they will value forever.

They are passionate about putting together a signature dream journey for their clients. And while doing so their experience designers take care of client's interests and travel preferences to create an exceptionally enchanting experience - an 'Experience to Love.'

Pink Escapes focuses on:
- Indian Subcontinent
- Just Pink
- Simply Bespoke
- Ultra Luxury Choices
- Exceptional Experiences
- Extraordinary Service
- Vibrant Promotions

Bhuvan Mehta, the inspiration behind Pink Escapes, wants to share his enrichment through numerous travels with travelers to India, by creating a brand to anticipate through years of ground work. According to him, "Communication is not a problem. A majority of Indians speak English and have a lot to share with travelers from around the globe."

He continues, "India is conducive to year-round travel; since the country is so vast, there will always be a place which will be 'in season.' Home of many traditions, religions and lifestyles, India's heritage and culture holds the interest of both adventure and comfort seeking travelers. Let me assure you that the trip to India will be a trip of a lifetime. And certainly bring you back several times to immerse in the Essence of Indian Subcontinent, a land of many wonders!"

"India is conducive to year-round travel; since the country is so vast, there will always be a place which will be ’in season.’ Let me assure you that the trip to India will be a trip of a lifetime."

Each of the Pink Escapes Experiences is tailor-made to perfection to suit the lifestyle and travel preferences of their clients. If their clients can dream, Pink Escapes can help them realize it. They value the time and every desire of their clients; hence work closely with them, painstakingly crafting an experience of their dreams, leaving very little to chance. They address the travelers' concern while considering Indian subcontinent for travel, and assure a discrimination free trip by using the services of gay-owned or gay-friendly establishments and individuals, whether it is hotels, guides or drivers.

All their travel experiences are completely customized in terms of client interests, budget, time and special requests. The Experience Designers are knowledgeable experts and most importantly their sensitivity and anticipation makes a good trip great. They can sense your moods and interests well and in doing so customize your itinerary so that you can enjoy every minute of your time without facing any complexities of travel.

Pink Escapes is extremely focused and well oriented to manage the highest end of the market. Travel like the Maharaja; in case the clients prefer to stay in the most opulent accommodations or a Jet Escape or simply want the very best of everything; they have to go for 'Ultra Luxury' Experiences and Services -the sky is the limit. Private jet travel is the ultimate luxury, particularly within the massive and diverse subcontinent of India.

For busy professionals who can only spare a few days at a time for their vacation, but want to see and experience as much as possible, private jet travel is the answer. Indian Subcontinent has many islands full of fascinating realms that are difficult or impossible to get to overland, or even by plane, hence traveling by boat cruise or luxury yacht allows travelers to visit these remote places.

Pink Escapes' advice is not to miss the Kerala House Boat Experience which is voted among the world's best travel experiences. Also, they highly recommend the luxury trains, which offer an illuminating journey - bring back to life the bygone era of sheer opulence. These trains are the talk of the luxury travel circuits across the globe.

Explore the ancient lands with Pink Escapes for an unmatched experience.


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