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Modest Gains, but U.S. Students Still Lag in Science Learning

SCIENCE | By Jennifer C. Kerr | Oct 31
The vast majority of U.S. students still lack a solid grasp of science despite some modest gains by fourth and eighth graders, especially girls and minorities.

Mills College Gains Out Lesbian President

NEWS | By Sari Staver | Sep 25
Growing up in a middle class neighborhood in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Hillman's family didn't rub shoulders with academics, lawyers, or college presidents.

Maine School Purchases Computer Program to Serve As Teacher

A Maine high school unable to fill a vacant teacher position has turned to a foreign language computer program to educate students.

In Midst of Economic Recovery, Poor Schools Left Behind

FINANCE | By Sara Burnett and Larry Fenn | Sep 10
Consider Waukegan and Stevenson, two Illinois school districts separated by 20 miles - and an enormous financial gulf. One is mostly white, and flush with resources; the other mostly minority and struggling.

Could Texas Teacher's No-Homework Rule Transform Learning?

FAMILY | Aug 27
Brandy Young teaches second grade in Godley, Texas. Her letter to parents became a sensation on Facebook.

The Edutainment Video Game Pipeline: Why Teachers Should Beware

VIDEO GAMES | By Matthew Nelson | Aug 27
Last month, strategy game guru Sid Meier and video game publisher 2K announced the 2017 release of "Civilization Edu," a redesign of the wildly popular "Civilization" strategy game series specially tailored for classrooms.

The Fight for Equality at South Florida Colleges and Universities

NATIONAL | By Ian Maloney | Aug 20
We aren't concerned pencils and trapper keepers (do they even still make those?) but we are concerned about how LGBT students will be received on local campuses this fall.

More U.S. Schools Accused of Denying Education to Immigrants

CORPORATE | By Maryclaire Dale | Jul 22
Civil rights lawyers have sued a third U.S. school district over what they call a practice of denying older refugee and immigrant students a meaningful education by steering them to alternative high schools.

New For-Profit Medical Schools Springing Up Across U.S.

CORPORATE | By Rebecca Boone | Jun 24
For-profit medical schools are starting to pop up around the country, promising to create new family doctors for underserved rural regions.

Your Stadium Here: Public Schools Cash In With Naming Rights

FINANCE | By Tom Coyne | May 18
An idea that started with professional sports teams and worked its way through colleges and universities has taken root in public schools around the U.S. as funding for districts tightens.

1 thru 10 of 31 Stories