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Coming Out as LBGT at School Contributes to Well-Being

FAMILY | By EDGE | Mar 13
A timely new study has found that LGBT youth who come out at school report more positive adjustment as young adults and have significantly lower levels of depression with higher levels of self-esteem.

British Teacher Comes Out, Gets Letter of Support From Student

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 17
After a British teacher came out as gay to his primary school students, he received a heartwarming letter of support from a nine-year-old child in his class, letting him know that it wouldn't change the way she felt about him.

One Florida School Protects Students, While Another Forbids GSA

POLITICS | By Steffany Skelley Gilmer | Feb 22
While on Orange County School voted to include sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policy, the Lake County School Board faces criticism for preventing students from starting a GSA.

PFLAG Responds to Indiana Teacher Who Said Gays Have No Purpose in Life

FAMILY | Feb 17
After an Indiana teacher told kids she believes gays have no purpose in life, PFLAG organizers launched the "You Have a Purpose" Facebook page.

Safe Schools South Florida Mobilizes Programs for LGBT Youth

LOCAL | By Jack Gardner | Aug 6
Southeast Florida school districts got a crash course in making public schools safer for LGBT students, some of whom participated in the workshops for educators & administrators.

More Public Schools Dish Up Three Meals a Day

Too often teachers discover their students are worrying less about math and reading and more about where the next meal comes from. With breakfast and lunch already provided for poor students, many children now are getting all their meals at school.

Song Featured in Upcoming ABC News ’20/20’ Special to Benefit Work of GLSEN-led National Safe Schools Partnership

HOME | Sep 30
Austin-based youth band Residual Kid will donate all proceeds from downloads of its song "Can’t Take Me Away," which is featured throughout the upcoming ABC News "20/20" special on the murder of 15-year-old Lawrence "Larry" King, to the work of GLSEN.

Integrating LGBT History, People, Events into Secondary School Curricula

HOME | Sep 28
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and StoryCorps announced the release of Unheard Voices, a new middle and high school resource that seeks to integrate LGBT people into secondary school curricula.

Teaching Gay History in California

HOME | By JUDY LIN | Jul 9
California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would make the state the first requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies curriculum.

Feds eye CA district’s handling of bullying claim

NATIONAL | By Lisa Leff | Dec 22
Federal education officials are investigating a school district in a Central California town where a 13-year-old boy committed suicide after allegedly being harassed by classmates because he was gay, a spokesman for Education Secretary Arne Duncan confirmed Tuesday.

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