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Image of Asia: Wedding Dresses at Beijing Fashion Week

FASHION | Oct 27
The spring-summer China Fashion Week lasts through Oct. 31.

Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless to be Honored by Smithsonian

Celebrity chef Rick Bayless is being honored at the Smithsonian for his contributions to American dining.

Britain's 'Freakshakes' Contain a Whopping 1,500 Calories

These monstrous milkshakes could be Britain's unhealthiest drinks - overflowing with chocolate, cookies and cream and oozing with 1,500 calories.

Home Design Brand West Elm Plans Hotels in 5 Cities

HOME | By Beth J. Harpaz | Oct 26
The home-design retailer West Elm is taking its brand into the hotel industry, with plans for hotels in five cities: Detroit; Indianapolis; Minneapolis; Savannah, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

World's Best Chefs Sample Indian Market Fare

FOOD/DRINK | By Shonal Ganguly, Rishabh R. Jain | Oct 26
An elite club of chefs is taking a break from feeding the world's most powerful leaders to visit the Indian capital and sample its spicy, aromatic cuisine.