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O Canada

By Robert Coles | Sunday Feb 19, 2017
About two years ago I took my first trip into Canada to visit some friends in Toronto and had a very interesting experience crossing the border. Check out this selection from my upcoming book, 'I Know Where I've Been: A Year-Long Journey of Self Discovery

Sydney's Pop Up Bear Bar Returns

By Robin Gray | Sunday Feb 19, 2017
Bear Bar, the Australian pop-up for bears and their friends, is back in time for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Meet Northeast Drummer Boy 2016

By David Goodman | Saturday Feb 18, 2017
Jonathan Daniels (lakevillecub) is the current titleholder for Norther East Drummer Boy, currently half way through his title year. We met him at Bear Week in Provincetown, and he just charmed us.

7 Travel Tips for Us Big Bears

By Robert Coles | Monday Feb 13, 2017
I'm a big bear of a man, built wide in the middle and broad in the shoulders. This is not always the ideal travel body! But I do it for the simple love of travel and all things exploration. Here are some travel tips for burly bears like me.

North American Bear 2017 Picture Special

By David Goodman | Sunday Feb 12, 2017
Last weekend saw another successful North American Bear Weekend take place in Kentucky, with over 900 attendees. Our good friend Jed Ryan, the very First North American Bear, was there to capture all the fun!

Catch Up With Skeleton Crew

By David Goodman | Sunday Feb 12, 2017
Have you watch Skeleton Crew yet? It's available right now on Bear World Magazine TV's channel on - find the link below to watch. You got some catching up to do as Season Two is dropping very soon!

The Key To Heaven: Key West's Island Paradise

By Robert Coles | Saturday Feb 11, 2017
I lived down in Miami for about 6 months last year, and as a treat to myself a few times I drove down to Key West for a little retreat, mostly to get some sun, meet new people (thank you, Growlr!), and do some touristy things.

BLB is Coming!

By David Goodman | Saturday Feb 11, 2017
Last year we told you about Project BLB, the new concept from Fred J Briers, a coffee table book celebrating men of color in the bear community. Here are the first teaser images for you enjoy!

Meet our new Travel Editor: Robert Coles.

By Robin Gray | Wednesday Feb 1, 2017
Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta - I was born to travel. I didn't do much of it until my mid-twenties, but I still know I was born to see the world.

BWM is Giving Back

By David Goodman | Wednesday Feb 1, 2017
It's been such a troubling few months, what with the impending changes of Administration and the fear of threats to so many freedoms that we have fought so hard for, that we have decided to take action.

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