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Icon Susan Morabito :: The Icon Spins At Score

by Scott Holland
Friday Jul 12, 2013

When I first came out in New York City 20 years ago (ouch!), the big names in the DJ circuit were Vasquez, Tenaglia, and of course Morabito. I remember being at clubs hearing the dance floor chanting "Susan, Susan, Susan!" Over the last few years Susan Morabito has focused her energy on producing and remixing and is now getting back into club touring, and it was a pleasure to sit down and chat with her before her return to south Florida at Score.

When did you decide you wanted to become a DJ and how did this come about?

The idea of becoming a radio DJ developed in 1976 when I was in high school. At the time I would save my lunch money and shop at the local head shop/record store. Eventually, I learned that radio DJs had program directors and couldn't choose the music; I was disappointed and scratched that idea. Then in 1980 I went to my first dance club. I was beyond amazed and fascinated at what I witnessed on the dance floor and in the DJ booth. I knew instantly during that experience that being a club DJ was what I wanted to do.

What was your first residency??

My first residency was at the Pavilion in Fire Island Pines, New York.

What are some of the major cities you have spun in?

New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Provincetown, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Fire Island Pines, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Montreal, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam and Milan.

What has been your favorite gig(s) and why?

The Saint at Large Black Party (which I did twice), because I was at the helm playing at the largest and most sexually infused event in the country. It was a unique way for me to experience and be in the thick of this particular event.

Another favorite would be the Pavilion in Fire Island Pines. I played long hours there so I had the opportunity to really stretch out and fine tune my craft, explore and take the dancers to so many different places. I love playing long hours for that reason, it's a rare luxury these days. Also, considering I had a residency there I had the opportunity to make various underground selections hits of the summer. Generally making non-commercial music hits of the summer is something that can only be done if clubbers hear a song/track enough times during a short period of time.

What separates you from other DJs??

My taste in music and how I put it together is what separates me from other DJs. I'm sure there are many of the same selections but I'm almost pretty sure there are many that others most likely don't play. At least I haven't heard anybody play them and I do get out often hearing other DJs as well as listening to various DJ podcasts. Another thing that separates me is how I put it together, and I feel how it's put together is where the real magic lies.

Other than DJing, what do you like to do for fun?

I love dancing, hanging out with close friends regardless of where we are, riding my bike on the trails, walking the beach, and soaking in a hot tub.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

Oh jeez, now you're asking me to show my cards. Depending on the circumstance I can be very forthright or the complete opposite; extremely inhibited, neither of which are often not in my best interest. I suppose one or the other would surprise some.

Are you excited to playing in South Beach again, and what can Score expect to hear??

I am extremely excited about playing Score. My musical approach for this event will be a sexy tribal energy and vibe.

What does the future hold for Susan Morabito?

Currently I have about six productions all going at once that will be finished over the next several months and some exciting gigs on the horizon which will be posted on my website soon. Check me out at

Catch Susan this Saturday, July 13, at Score for Hilton Wolman's Salvation Airways from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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