by HotSpots Staff
Sunday Feb 14, 2010

As Fort Lauderdale approaches the 3rd anniversary of Slammer we thought we would sit down with the owners and bartenders and see what makes this successful club work.

The owners of Slammer had been in Ft Lauderdale and loved the energy, community, the beauty and of course the men. On the market at the time was Plato's Retreat, a straight sex club down on its luck trying to do a couple of gay nights a week. With its grandfathered license status, location and bring your own bottle club license, they couldn't resist. 3 years ago they bought the club, began by cleaning the place up, removing an old hot tub, taking down plastic chandeliers, installing up to date electrical and fire systems, putting in a kick ass sound system with a DJ in a cage and made the bar as sexy as hell.

They opened and the men came and since then Slammer has never closed. They have lines out the doors on weekends, hot bartenders, security in the parking lot, with an extra lot being added last summer to handle the needed parking and a generator to keep open always. Cab drivers still call it 321 from its Plato's days and the large address sign. The club is known for supporting and working with the local and state health department to promote safe sex and many charities including Broward House, GLCC and Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.

Slammer is the place where men can cruise in jeans and no shirt or whatever you like. It's not a bath house, but an edgy only in Ft Lauderdale club that is open from 8 pm (3 pm on weekends) until you're done. This is a private club for men (21 and over) only and membership is required. For more info go to

Slammer employs 2 of the sexiest bartenders in town; Bob Bollen and Tom Carson. Bob, who is single and an Aries, loves motorcycles, men and the beach and dislikes too much talking. Bob loves his dogs and his cockatiel. He loves to hang out at Slammer and his favorite thing about living in Florida is the beach.

Tom, on the other hand is married (sorry boys) is a Sagittarius and loves furry men and dislikes probing questions (YIKES). He also loves his dogs, hanging out at Slammer and his favorite thing about Florida is the men and the weather.

It was nice to sit down with Bob and Tom for a short Interview.

How did you get your job at Slammer?

Bob: I made my way to the top, or bottom, whatever.

Tom: Ask my Boss

What's the weirdest thing in PG terms you have seen happen while working at Slammer?

Bob: A Rabbi came in one day.

Tom: Won't answer that one

(Editors Note: I wonder if Tom was a part of the weirdest thing he saw happen there...hmm)

Has anything ever shocked you while behind the bar at Slammer?

Bob: Almost every day.

Tom: You bet!

How do you pick your sexy outfits?

Bob: They usually come from the customers giving them to me.

Tom: My husband picks them.

Have you seen any famous people at Slammer and if you can't mention who they are, describe them?

Bob: Sure, hot ones, but like Vegas, what happens at Slammer stays at Slammer.

Tom: Maybe. And they were HOT. But what happens at Slammer stays at Slammer.

What's your favorite thing about working at Slammer?

Bob: My loyal customers and of course the owners.

Tom: I can do what I want and no one tells me not to!

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  • , 2012-05-05 23:47:28

    Hey! We need one down here badly in San Diego or as I call it(Blan Diego!) It would really go over well here as the community down here does not have any kind of outlet like that for gay men here unless you want to drive two hrs to LA. A good place for it would be in the warehouse district where the dance club Spin is at. The only edgy place we have left is the Eagle leather bar. Anyway just a thought!

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