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Start Building Your Ark, Anti-LGBT Pastor Says God's Judgment is Coming

Aug 24
Kevin Swanson, the Girl Scout cookie-obsessed anti-LGBT pastor is positive that America will face God's judgement for striking down sodomy laws, legaliziing abortion and same-sex marriage. He just hasn't been able to pinpoint the date.

Suit Alleging Catholic School Gay Marriage Bias to Proceed

Aug 23
A judge is allowing a lawsuit alleging a Roman Catholic school in New Jersey fired an employee because she's married to a woman to move forward.

UK 'Christian' Group Says Being Gay Didn't Help Tom Daley at Rio Games

Aug 22
It turns out that "Christian" anti-LGBT groups in England are just as vile as they are in America.

Pope Taps American to Head New Vatican Office for Families

By Nicole Winfield | Aug 17
Pope Francis on Wednesday named an American moderate to head the new Vatican office for families and laity as part of his aim to bring a more pastoral approach to the Vatican's bureaucracy.

Illinois Pastors Sue For Right To Perform Conversion Therapy 

Aug 16
Earlier this year, Illinois became the fifth state to ban conversion therapy for minors. Now, a group of pastors in Illinois are attempting to overturn a historic conversion therapy ban ruling by claiming it infringes on their religious freedom.

Lesbian Methodist Minister Charts Road Ahead

By Brian Bromberger | Aug 14
Karen Oliveto was preparing to move to Denver to assume her new duties as a bishop in the United Methodist Church when she thought about her new calling.

Best Selling Book Renews Harry Potter Panic Among the Religious Right

Aug 11
Harry Potter-hating has been a long time-honored conservative Christian tradition that continues today.

Pope Francis Looking Into Female Clergy Members

Aug 10
Pope Francis continued his progressive reign this week, appointing a panel to study the idea of women deacons in the Roman Catholic Church.

Trump to Appear with Rubio at Anti-LGBT Orlando Event 2 Months After Pulse Massacre

Aug 9
For someone who has been touted by gay conservatives as being the most pro-LGBT Republican presidential candidate ever, he has a funny way of showing it.

Pro-LGBT Religious Group Calls Out Pope Francis Over Anti-Trans Comments

Aug 4
Faith in America, a group dedicated to ending the harm done to LGBT youth and families by misguided religious teachings, is calling out Pope Francis over anti-transgender comments he made earlier this week.

1 thru 10 of 1229 Stories