Peruvian Dad Accused of Setting Gay, HIV+ Son on Fire

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Apr 19, 2013

A Peruvian father has been accused of setting his son on fire because his son is gay and HIV positive, Gay Star News reports.

Hitler Baneo Nunez, 48, allegedly doused his 22-year-old son with gasoline and then lit him on fire after growing tired of neighbors making fun of his son's sexual orientation. Though the son, only known as RBP, suffered burns on his face, arms and parts of his leg, neighbors helped save him from the flames.

"My dad wanted me to kill for having these diseases, but my aunt who took me from my father's house and brought me to Iquitos to admitting me in the sanctuary 'Something Beautiful for God,' where I've been since 1 March," the victim told the Peruvian daily newspaper La Region, as translated and reported by Gay Star News. "Unfortunately my dad does not accept me as I am," he added. The 22-year-old also said that his father wanted him dead because he is living with HIV and tuberculosis.

According to BuzzFeed, the attack took place in Loreto, a region of Peru deep in the Amazon. Comunidad Homosexual de la Region Loreto, a local LGBT group, gave a statement to the website and said, "We hope that this complaint ... will be treated seriously by the authorities and that it can generate a change and call attention of the public to the homophobia that lives inside the home and is growing in society towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and trans people in the Loreto region."

As BuzzFeed reported, activists complain about LGBT hate crimes as a growing problem in Peru. The police don't note which incidents are hate crimes, so statistics are not officially recored, but using media reports alone, the group PromSex claims there were 17 cases in 2011. Since many incidents go unreported to police or are not covered by local news, it is very possible the number is much higher.

A similar father-son incident happened in Turkey last year.

In September 2012, the LGBT community in Diyarbakir, a southeastern province of Turkey, accused an unidentified 17-year-old boy's father and uncle of killing the teen because he was gay. The boy, only known as R.A., was living with a friend's family because he had been allegedly "exposed to violence" by his own family due to his sexual orientation.

The boy's uncle removed him from his friend's home. R.A. and his father then got into an argument. His father allegedly shot him 14 times and the boy's uncle reportedly disposed of the body.


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    They should set this day’s dick on fire.

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    Another country dominated by the Catholic church. Machismo and religion, a dangerous combination!

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