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A Real South Florida Fright Night

by Nicole Letaw
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Sep 11, 2008

Horror fans beware! Halloween is a little more than a month away, but that doesn't mean that your spooky spirit has to wait to revel in the dark sinister escapades that Hallows Eve brings.

Beginning September 25th, one of the scariest haunted houses in America is coming exclusively to Miami for a five-week stint.

This is not your regular Halloween screamfest. Nightmare: Ghost Stories has three distinct attractions that will make you cringe as it premieres at SoHo Studios in Wynwood (located at 2136 NW 1st Avenue in Miami.

This nightmare of horrific stories and paranormal experiences has been scaring the pants off folks for four years.

Creators Psycho Clan have raised the fright factor. The franchise's newest sacrifice offering, "Nightmare: Bad Dreams Come True," will make you never want to sleep again.

Fired up and inspired, the Psycho Clan make some of the most eeriest and dreadful recurring nightmares come to life in ways you'd least expect.

This year, the creepy creators have more elaborate set designs, alarming special effects, and terrifying villains that will creep up on you when you least expect it.

This sick psycho team are experts at making the most common and demented dreams become even more twisted, demonic, and chilling.

Creator, Timothy Haskell (who ABC World News Tonight calls the "king of horror") began this charade when he and his terrifying team created an online poll to collect some of the most frightening experiences fans have endured in their sleep or while peering into the portal of the supernatural.

Director John Harlacher (who also is the writer/director of the film Urchin) and Producer, David Solomon Rodriguez amongst many others have worked fiercely on this ghoulish project.

You'll witness their efforts come to life as you walk through 17 rooms that feature unusual spirits, apparitions, aspirations, phantasms, possessions and so much more... you will be screaming like a sissy to the exit door.

Twenty live performers will be waiting to terrorize you and catch you in a moment of fright and make you want to cry for your mommy (or mummy) while you walk through its classic haunted house.

Another hair-raising attraction that will keep your heart racing is called Nightmare: Old School is a smaller troubled attraction filled with classic horror icons like zombies, vampires, Frankenstein and other haunted house fixtures you remember from a scary movie.

Finally the Mortuary is a fun immersive experience situated in a funeral parlor where the deceased put the living to rest.

Tickets for this frightening experience are $25 in advance, $30 at the door and special VIP Express Entry tickets are $45. For more information, please check www.NightmareMiami.com or call 1-888-491-7469.


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