Everything to Lose

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday May 24, 2014
Everything to Lose

Andrew Gross, author of New York Times and international bestsellers "The Blue Zone," "Don't Look Twice," and "The Dark Tide," now delivers "Everything to Lose." Set during the time of Hurricane Sandy, this thriller is everything including gripping, as thrillers should be. Of course. But is that enough I must ask myself?

Gross knows how to hook you on the first page; it's an art, and if you're into thrillers, this will be your next fix. The main character, a woman of substance named Hillary (not Clinton) sort of becomes your best friend immediately. It's not the prose that's important here, it's the storyline -- but the same can be said for Queen Jackie Collins (is she a dame yet?).

It’s not the prose that’s important here it’s the story line - but the same can be said for Queen Jackie Collins (is she a dame yet?).

But Gross holds more than just a storyline, he delves deep into character and shows how one woman (with seemingly no support) can take care of her son (who is living with the popular disease Asperger's), and manage to question her morals. Well the storyline isn't exactly fresh, I admit, but it grips like "Scandal" does at the moment. But like that TV show, the novel just doesn't take you much further than a couple of "Ooooh!" moments. It drops you into lukewarm water at best.

The clich├ęs "with everything to lose" staring at you while you read, the novel doesn't impress as a literary feat, but does mean that that beach time on Fire Island will be more enjoyable with a thriller in hand. But delving too deeply into details will ruin the book for you and everyone sunning next to you. Gross confuses some of the evidence (or maybe Hillary and her new found cop friend do) and can't really manage his ending to be convincing or even satisfying. But whatever it is, the book can stay in The Pines library for the next reader -- it will just take up space on your shelf at home.

"Everything to lose"
Andrew Gross
William Murrow

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