Starlette and Saint

by Tony Pinizzotto
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Feb 14, 2014
Starlette and Saint

Mae Edwards has an unusual, original, and creative approach to self-expressionism when it comes to religion and spirituality. Born the child of an American G.I., and a Vietnamese Mother, she came to the US at the age of 1. She was then raised in Los Angeles as a Buddhist until the age 15, when her mother converted to Christianity. You see her unusual approach most likely stems from her original personality.

With "Starlette & Saint: A Memoir On Duality" Mae Edwards lays out her spiritual memoir in both book form, and song. Like the two sides of Yin and Yang, her book and songs are presented in four separate parts; two for "Starlette" and two for "Saint." She describes the "Starlette" as the hurt spirit who hurts back, storms off in a huff, and rocks the boat. She describes "Saint" as the soul who, even when possibly is thrown into the same situations as "Starlette", deals with them much differently. "Saint" understands the idea of doing the best in her present moment, and tries to see the best in others.

Edwards is an accomplished violinist who performed for many years with the Junior Philharmonic of California and lends her talents as well as singing songwriting powers to each song in her magnum opus. With plans to release one CD that correspond with her prose and musical poetry every three to four months, Edwards kicks off "Starlette & Saint" with a rich, solid sound which listens like a blend between current day Cyndi Lauper and a cleaner, clearer Stevie Nicks. Her first of four CDs within the project, entitled "No Prayers Could Ever Save Me From The Love You Never Gave Me," leaves this listener (and reader) eagerly awaiting the next 3 albums. The lyrics of each song on the CD are laid out towards the center of the book pages, complete with chord progressions above, adding yet another texture to her expression; while her spiritual prose plays out on the outer edges of the book.

... In a beautifully presented 130 page romantic expression to the reader, Edwards takes the reader on a journey from "chaos to inner piece," ...

"Starlette & Saint" is chuck full of spiritual reflection on the source for Mae's work. In a beautifully presented 130 page romantic expression to the reader, Edwards takes the reader on a journey from "chaos to inner piece," recounting her own milestones and perils of her life; failed romances, death of close family members, self-forgiveness and the forgiveness of others, suicide attempts at 14, an emotionally abusive upbringing, war, and competing for the love of her mother with her brother who she tragically lost way too soon in life. Edwards addresses many religions and beliefs, including Atheism, with everything from Biblical movements to references of modern day cinema and books on past lives and reincarnation. She touches upon many spiritual leaders, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. Edwards also attended New Mexico Military Institue and recieved the Best New Cadet of The Year Award, and has since written over 300 songs.

The only way I could describe this initial offering by Edwards would be a strong multi-leveled Spiritual Rock that one might find on the shelf of thier favorite Divine Bookstore. Sadly, those words can't justify the originality of "Starlette & Saint" offers. Nothing in life is completely good or bad, therefore "Starlette & Saint" is a valid representation of the pendulum of spirituality we occur on a daily basis, as well throughout the years of our lives. There is a wonderful lesson taught in "Starlette & Saint" and that is; "when we choose how to act, whether good or bad, we choose it and we sometimes do it while disregarding the complete affect it will have on our neighbors." Who has the power in our lives, mind, spirits, and bodies? Whoever we allow to have it.

"Starlette & Saint: A Memoir on Dualism" Expressed in Song Lyrics and Reflective Prose (Hardcover:135 pages)
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    Thoughtful article. The actual digital book is about $12. The limited hard cover is $45. The book and CDs are sold individually.

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