Body of Proof

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Jun 18, 2013
Body of Proof

Dr. Megan Hunt is back at work in "Body Of Proof: The Complete Third Season" now available on DVD - and things are off and running for the medical examiner. After traumatically losing her partner Peter who perished saving her life, Megan is thrown back into the thick of things with a case that hits dangerously close to home. At the start of the season, Megan's daughter is kidnapped and is being used as a pawn in a diabolical scheme. Alongside an old flame Detective Tommy Sullivan, Dr. Hunt cracks the case, but from now on her job has become that much tougher. Good thing the good doctor is always styling in her obscene collection of designer shoes.

In Season 3 Megan has a whole new set of challenges facing her, among them are an entirely new set of difficult cases for her office, and one in particular that will lead her to solve a mystery that's escaped her for far too long. Whatever happened to her father? Along the way she'll have to face her relationship fears as Sullivan gets closer, her boss Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan) chases after her political ambitions, and Hunt's own pursuit of justice becomes more gray than black and white.

Easily one of the most entertaining and engaging medical crime dramas on television, Dana Delaney has created one of her more compelling characters in Megan Hunt. The cast is one of the best and most colorful, making "Body Of Proof" a must see. It's finally something that's on network television that's worth talking about, and the DVD is packed with extras. The 3-disc set includes a look at the show's winning cinematography, making each episode a mini-movie, and a first-time insiders look at the set of "Body Of Proof." Join Megan Hunt and go into the examination room for the series' most exciting season yet.

"Body Of Proof: The Complete Third Season"
Available now on 3-Disc DVD for $39.99
Goto www.abc.com/BodyOfProof

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