Private Practice - The Complete Sixth Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 9, 2013
Private Practice - The Complete Sixth Season

Addison Adrianne Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd is gone the way of the dodo bird, Hostess cakes and the cast of "What's Happening." "Private Practice" has uttered its last breath in the sixth and final season, available on DVD. Sadly, the season, like the series, is entertaining but ultimately underwhelming.

"Private Practice," unlike "Grey's Anatomy" or "Scandal," has been the redheaded stepchild of genius writer Shonda Rhimes. It's never received the right amount of love and has mostly had the requisite shocking premiere, sweeps and finale episodes. Thanks to Walsh, Tim Daly and Taye Diggs the show has managed to be entertaining albeit not as satisfying as the real "Grey's." Sadly, the final season has managed to upgrade that from a mild disappointment to a full-blown travesty.

The DVD of the series only includes some deleted scenes and a short blooper reel. It's a truncated season of only 13 episodes which means most of the storylines are rushed to an illogical degree. This includes an impromptu pregnancy, the shocking return of Audra McDonald and a sloppy good-bye. What's missing is a good-bye to the series by the stars. It's a slap in the face to the loyal series followers that have lasted the tepid six seasons.

"Private Practice," was not only a decent yet disappointing spin-off of "Grey's Anatomy." The final season was the ultimate kick in the shin. With half the episodes, not-quite-bonus features and a hasty series finale this may be the worst way to remember the series.

"Private Practice: The Complete Sixth and Final Season"

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