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Shaolin Warriors

by Kelly May
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Apr 3, 2017
A performer from "Shaolin Warriors."
A performer from "Shaolin Warriors."   

World Music/CRASHarts presented "Shaolin Warriors" at the Orpheum Theatre on April 1, 2017. The evening featured the many forms of Shaolin kung fu along with a look into the daily life of the warriors and their Zen philosophy.

"Shaolin Warriors" was a tour of the life and culture of kung fu masters. To help the audience on the journey, two young pupils on the path to become kung fu masters acted as guides. As the children learned about kung fu, viewers saw martial arts prowess and an emphasis on meditation. Whether working as an ensemble or as a solo, every performer displayed amazing skill, extreme strength and jaw-dropping flexibility.

"Shaolin Warriors" was a great show for people interested in martial arts or a family outing. The performance was a good introduction to Chinese martial-arts culture. The kung fu masters showed discipline and deadly prowess, but they also brought a sense of play and wonder to their performance. Helping with the family friendly atmosphere, children from the audience were brought on stage to learn a little kung fu midway through the first act. It gave the performance an after school activity feel for a bit, but the audience seemed quite happy about it.

"Shaolin Warriors" is filled with strong performers, excellent execution, and good storytelling. It is yet another example of an entertainment that showcase the life and culture of a community. (For example, Riverdance is in the same genre.) If you are interested in learning about the Chinese martial-arts culture, these performances are a delight. However, if you only have a passing interest, an entire evening of it may be too much.


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